Sunday, April 26, 2015

Literary Gladiators: Episode 25- "The Awakening" by Kate Chopin

Our 25th episode has finally been uploaded to YouTube! In this particular episode, Jim, Brianna, Charlie, and I discuss and debate one of the most remarkable and controversial works in literature with Kate Chopin's The Awakening. This work proved to be so controversial for its time that it hurt Chopin's career and shunned her from the literary realm. Unfortunately, she did not live much longer nor did she live to see the impact that her literature made on the feminist movement as well as American literature in general.

This is the fourth and final episode of this season that features Brianna in the rotating seat. From those who have responded so far, she has been our most popular guest, which is logical when one puts her multiple contributions that have really kept our discussions flowing. One could even see a moment where she asserts a bold belief about this short novel that you can find out as you watch this episode. We hope to have her back when we tape more episodes during the summer.

We are up to 49 subscribers on our channel, which means we are one away from our very first giveaway, which I will tell you more about when we find our 50th subscriber. All I can promise is that this giveaway will be a good one!

We have four episodes left for season two and our third season will be ready to go shortly thereafter. For now, here is the newest episode to be uploaded.

Episode 25- The Awakening by Kate Chopin

Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Material From Literary Gladiators

I am currently in my last semester at college, working on my final papers for my classes. With that being said, I have not been able to complete as much as I plan on doing after this semester comes to an end, but I am remaining active and am doing just fine. I am working on my senior paper that primarily concentrates on The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien, which means that I am spending time reading and re-reading that novel in order to come out with a conclusion about what this book is trying to say and how one can possibly tell about those elements of war that are almost impossible to tell. I will definitely have a review up some time next month for this work (whether it is written, taped, or both I am not sure). Aside from my Senior Seminar, I am taking a class in Irish Literature, a class about the Cold War, and one about Cuban history. This is quite a way to wrap up!

Speaking of wrap-ups, I plan to share three videos that have been uploaded onto the Literary Gladiators channel within the last month. Two of these are wrap-ups that I taped in order to keep our channel flourished with new material. The other is our 24th episode, where Larry, Breanna, Charlie, and I discuss "The Mark on the Wall" by Virginia Woolf. I thoroughly enjoyed this particular discussion and the genius that Woolf brought to literature. We have five more episodes left of season two, which should be up by May 16th. The third season will begin at the end of May or beginning of June and will consist of thirteen episodes (more details to come soon).

We also plan to release some non-episode material. The two wrap-ups that I released seemed to garner a decent amount of attention (not too much, but enough). Since these videos are a bit shorter, it provides viewers with a sample of our literature based background. If they like us, they can watch our main show. At the moment, Jim has an individual segment that should be released in May and we also have two giveaways in the works. One of these will occur after the end of the season in order to prepare for the next, while the other will be launched once we reach 50 subscribers. As I type this, we are up to 45 subscribers, so there is just five to go!

I will leave you with the new uploads that were released within the last month or so on our channel. Hope you enjoy!

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Josh's Wrap-Up For Late March 2015 & A HAPPY EASTER
Episode 24: "The Mark On The Wall" by Virginia Woolf