Monday, July 25, 2011

Top Notch Television: Big Brother 13

Okay, I will be breaking up my "Check This Out" segment into even more specific segments. These segments include "Fantastic Films" for films I recommend, "Check This Blog" for blogs I recommend, and "Top Notch Television," for television shows I recommend. This happens to be a recommendation for shows on TV (which I don't watch too much of with the exception of some prime time TV) that I enjoy watching and feel that you the reader would enjoy it as well. During the summer, the majority of shows that are on are repeats. The shows that are actually new are most likely reality and game shows. Since 2000, the TV show that has become a summer time phenomenon is "Big Brother." For those of you who enjoy three days of watching several house guests compete for power, use the power to set up an eviction of their fellow house guests, and one by one watching these house guests walk out the door, this would be your cup of tea.

"Big Brother" is filled with a boat load of drama and that's exactly what the intentions of the show are. This season is especially no different. The motto of this show is to "expect the unexpected." Starting with just eight contestants sure left these contestants wondering what kind of twist was in store. Asked to form into teams, the groups included Adam and Dominic, Keith and Porsche, Cassi and Shelly, and Lawon and Kalia. They were ultimately joined by Brendon and Rachel from last season, Jeff and Jordan from season eleven, and Dick and Daniele from season eight. While it would have been extremely interesting to see Dr. Will and Mike Boogie (Chilltown), Dan and Memphis (The Renegades), or any Brigade pairing (Hayden and Enzo being the strongest and most committed choice in the matter) join, these were some pretty interesting choices.

Here's my take on last season... I was a heavy Brigade fan and was anti-Brenchel. Sometimes I very well think that Rachel is there to simply stir up drama. The fact that she won HOH (Head Of Household) four out of five opportunities leaves me to wonder how strong the curtain to this show is. Then again, to argue the point, she was a chemistry student, and is a clear target for someone being underestimated. As for Brendon, he makes just the right significant for her. Last season, they were the prime target since week one, but it took until week five to successfully evict them. Now it seems like their current alliance, with veterans such as Jeff and Jordan, are beginning to shatter. Then we see the soap opera caused by something, anything, just anything that could possibly start drama. While I think their own TV show would defeat the purpose, and the fact that soap operas are becoming an endangered species on the way to extinction, the two of them have pretty much created their own show that would make for a good spinoff... that would ultimately be cancelled after a few episodes.

The house guest I'm most rooting for this season is Dominic. He seems to be the one who's doing most to play the game and knows how to compete. He's already a target on Jeff and Jordan's radar, but has gotten close to Daniele and is making moves to secure votes. He seems to be the only newbie who is fetching for himself at the moment. The others have relied on the veterans for support or are simply floaters who are doing a fine job at the moment just dodging the radar. When the teams start playing as individuals after this upcoming eviction (which is what it looks like is bound to happen), the game will really start to become extremely competitive. We know that Brendon and Rachel will remain an alliance, and if both remain into next week, Jeff and Jordan and probably Daniele and Dominic (which looks like a newly formed alliance) will remain intact. The others will either be floaters or form one or more alliances of their own.

I was bummed about the fact that Evel Dick's stay in the Big Brother house was shortened due to personal matters. He was forced to walk from the competition before the first veto competition was even played. During his short stay, he was very active in strengthening the veteran alliance to include newbies that would vote along with them. He wasn't given so much of an opportunity to stir controversy or demonstrate his brutal honesty. The only thing we could do is remember him for being the successful and likable antagonist he was from season eight. I could only remember how he stuck it to Jen, the drama queen of season eight, and how he told her off with his comments and his cigarettes. Losing Evel Dick immediately on "Big Brother 13" is one of the only disappointments that will not be able to seek a redemption of any kind.

I honestly have no idea what keeps me hooked to "Big Brother." It's simply a show filled with drama and is arranged to encourage this kind of drama. I have realized that the show is fairly predictable, as I have predicted the outcome of several competitions and decisions, but it's still an interesting watch. It takes a lot of commitment to watch this show, as it comes on three days a week (Sundays for nominations, Wednesdays for veto competitions, and Thursdays for live evictions and HOH competitions). The ones who will most enjoy this series are those who have nothing better to do than involve themselves with a summer show like this one. If you don't wish to get into some kind of addictive dramatic reality show, then I would suggest staying away from "Big Brother," because this show gets really addictive.

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