Friday, April 12, 2013

Check This Blog: The Girl Who Loves Horror

It was my intention to review this blog in March, but time constraints bumped me to reviewing this blog at this time, but I guess it was for all of the right reasons. I learned that today is Michele, who is The Girl Who Loves Horror's birthday and tomorrow is her third year anniversary with Blogger, which are two mighty accomplishments (a birthday is an accomplishment of surviving to see another year, an anniversary is a celebration of the length of an actual accomplishment). That means I'll be conducting a celebration here on Caponomics to convince you guys to check out this creepy, scary, and delightful page.

Michele, known as The Girl Who Loves Horror, began blogging on April 13, 2010 with a post about Stephen King, which is just about, in my mind, the best way you can get a horror blog off the ground. Stephen King is the master of the genre and the father of modern day horror fiction. She discussed her adventures with books of his from Needful Things to her favorites that include The Long Walk and Bag Of Bones to those she didn't like as much, such as The Tommyknockers. I actually read Bag Of Bones throughout and agree with her stance 110% that this was an accomplishment on Stephen King's behalf. This was written during an era that he also wrote Hearts In Atlantis and The Green Mile, which were three of his strongest novels... ever!

Before I go on a tangent about comparing our views of Stephen King novels, Michele writes anything that has to do with the horror genre. Much of her writing has to do with horror films, many are b-rate, but plenty of horror movie enthusiasts enjoy b-rate horror films. Most recently, she wrote reviews for Evil Dead, which is a 2013 film, Trilogy of Terror, which is part of an anthology from 1975, and a lukewarm review for The Possession. One of her memorable reviews, though not necessarily a horror flick, had to do with the panning of The Garbage Pail Kids, which was not shocking when you look at how other films based off of toys have performed.

The thing I like most about The Girl Who Loves Horror is that I clearly feel like I was invited to Michele's place to hang out. It feels like I'm getting an exciting, but at the same time thorough review with what ever topic she's discussing, whether it be a horror film, book, or anything else having to do with the category. She's also incredibly honest with what she thinks about a certain topic and how she's going to approach the topic, even if it includes showing spoilers. I like to go to a blog in order to read something and compare notes if I have watched or read what was reviewed, and then discuss the topic. That can be accomplished on this blog. While horror films have not been an interest, reading this blog keeps encouraging me to go about and watch some more. Like she pointed out with her review of The Possession, there are just too many mainstream horror films that are out there. She calls herself a "horror snob" by saying such a thing, but I see her as a "horror enthusiast" that could be deemed an "expert." She's right, because much of the horror we see in theaters is so much the same it's become a cliche.

Michele also is not afraid to express her passion for blood and gore. The bloodier and gorier, the better. Evidence can be found within the reviews, but also the birthday cakes that were shown for her birthday this year. I couldn't even imagine a cake with fingers, or a cake shaped like a brain, or shaped like a heart. That's a horror guru for you!

If you're a horror enthusiast, I would place my wagers that you have left this post and already liked the page. If not, I highly encourage you to do so, because this is gold. You will seek an insight of some horror films you may have missed, but should really check out. You may also find horror films you have watched and come up with an interesting agreement or second opinion. If you have a weak stomach, this may not be for you... but I say this blog has a lot to offer to just about anyone else that can control their stomach. This is very fun to read and you will keep reading until you've had enough. Then you will be excited to see what else is in store. If you love horror, this is your treasure chest buried beneath the floorboards with that chopped up body.


  1. Holy crap, I'm speechless! This is so cool of you, Josh! You didn't actually go back and read my first post, did you? It was probably pretty lame. I really appreciate all the kind words immensely - you are beyond awesome right now.

    1. Yep, I did look at your first post, so I could see what your first post was, and Stephen King is incredibly appropriate. I'm really glad you enjoyed it!