Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Check This Blog: Aleksandra's Corner

I thoroughly enjoy the several book blogs I have the opportunity to follow through Blogger, as I write about what I enjoy and then in turn see what others have to write about in areas that I enjoy. I have plenty of book reviews on Blogger (with one that should be on the way), but consistent book bloggers are quite plentiful and enjoyable. Not only do they submit book reviews, but they also participate in blogging activities, such as discussing what they plan to read, what they're looking forward to, and what appears "in their mailbox." A few months back, I encouraged you to check out Carina's Books (which I encourage you to check out if you have not). Now, I'm encouraging you to check out Aleksandra's Corner, a blog run by Macedonia's very own Aleksandra, who reviews books and participates in several book blogging activities that I wish I had the time and concentration to do.

Aleksandra began her blogging expeditions on Blogger in 2009, providing her "corner" with several posts and reviews if you are to check it out. Many of them are written for the current period of time, but you are bound to find something that suits your interest. Her original intent was to participate in the several activities and challenges that blogging had to offer, but it has since expanded into something bigger and better. 

Aleksandra's format is very well organized and incredibly easy to read. She features a title, author, and if it applies, the series and what number book of the series it makes up. Under that is a rating system that scores books on a scale of one to five, five being the best. Then comes the written text that begins with a summary and ends with her thoughts on the book. The summary and thoughts are both in different boxes that are slightly darker than that in the post, but they are dark enough to compose that they are discussing two separate things. Navigating through this blog is definitely cake and you are not going to become bored when it comes to giving up on reading the article, because you're not going to spend a majority of the time looking for the main idea. That doesn't exist. Organization is spot on!

From personal experience, the author's of interest I could connect to the most are Markus Zusak, Neil Gaiman, and Jonathan Maberry, which she has recently mentioned and I have either read or checked out. I currently have Maberry's Ghost Road Blues partially read, but put down in favor of Dan Brown's Inferno, being a reader of the Langdon series. I enjoyed Zusak's The Book Thief and have been encouraged by Aleksandra to check out I Am The Messenger and Underdogs, which I plan to do once I find the open time. Aside from those, her recent reviews include The Storm by Alexander Gordon Smith and Sparks by Laura Bickle. This past week, she observed Novella Week by reading several novellas, which is quite an incredible theme, because there are plenty of incredible novellas that exist (keep in mind that two of Stephen King's memorable works were novellas, such as Rita Hayworth & The Shawshank Redemption, which inspired the 1994 film, The Shawshank Redemption and The Body, which inspired the 1986 film, Stand By Me).

If you have an open moment that you want to fill by checking out a new blog of interest, give Aleksandra's Corner a try, especially if you love to read. You'll be introduced to plenty of novels that you may or may have not heard of and may perhaps be convinced to buy something or be turned away for one reason or another. Aleksandra provides an honest opinion on anything she discusses and you will surely be led in the right direction when it comes to good suggestions. 

Here is a link that you lead you to her blog:

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