Saturday, June 7, 2014

Literary Gladiators: Episode 6- The Poetry of Emily Dickinson

Alas, we have reached the finale for the first season of the show. This was a short first season, but in the works is a second season that is more than six times the size. In the works are forty episodes (may be more and less following five summer sessions) with which we discuss and debate the different realms of literature. At the moment we speak, most of us are on board to participating in the upcoming episodes of the series. For the first session, which will occur next Thursday, Jim (from episode 1) and I are definitely on board to return as regulars, along with our new moderator, Laney. I am also almost positive that one of the most acclaimed and respected English instructors from our college will be appearing in a few episodes that will be taped next week. This will definitely be exciting! With that being said, I cannot promise a panel or round table of four on every episode next season, but I will promise that we are going to do our very best to release top quality material.

For now, here is a discussion that revolves around Emily Dickinson. While she is known most for her darkness, we explain why she should be known more for being an innovative mind that made up the American Renaissance and its chief ideas. Quite a way to end the season!

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