Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Literary Gladiators: Episode 12- Halloween: The Work That Sparks A Fearful Reaction

What made the Halloween episode so special was that we got to go over some of the works that either scared us or made us the most uneasy. Much of my fiction writing comes from the horror and speculative background, so the material was right up my alley. In this episode, Larry, Breanna, Charlie, and I have a fascinating discussion all about works that properly fit this particular genre. In addition, Charlie and I come up with effortless costumes of Harry Potter and Dr. Bordelon, respectively. Perhaps once we have a Halloween episode planned out a bit better in advance, we will put a bit more effort on the costumes. There is always the planned third season taping in January and fourth season (if we go forward with it) taping next summer.

Here is what we did for Halloween:


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