Saturday, December 6, 2014

Literary Gladiators: Episode 15- "Dover Beach" by Matthew Arnold

As you may notice from watching certain videos, you may see a common trend in different episodes that may include attire and images found within view. The reason for this is that we hold filming sessions to which we film several episodes within a short period of time and then release them accordingly. Since most of us are college students, this is the most convenient practice. These practices are not familiar, for the same kind of method is used for shows such as Jeopardy! and plenty of other game shows, as well as Shark Tank, which simply organizes their segments to flow as best as possible. The verdict about filming episodes in short segments is this: it is perfectly acceptable, as long as the material is as best as possible.

The episodes are being released in the order and I find to be most appropriate. For instance, the Halloween episode is released at Halloween, Christmas is released for Christmas, and Valentine's Day for Valentine's Day. This was actually the second episode we filmed during the summer sessions at large ("The Peacock" was appropriately first), but this was where it seemed to fit best. In this episode, Jim, Courtney, Charlie, and I discuss a work of poetry that creates a strong statement and our discussion is directed based off of this strong message. For me personally, "Dover Beach" is one of my favorite works of poetry. It is enlightening in how it asserts the strong belief that nature is reacting to society, especially one that is dominated by homo sapiens. Of course, I encourage you to watch this episode, so I will not provide you with a commentary, but I will say that the discussion is intense.

Here is the 15th episode of the series!

Episode 15- "Dover Beach" by Matthew Arnold

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