Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Madness 2011: Final Four On The Way

I didn't participate in the March Madness pools this year, and I think that it's a relief and I saved myself a chunk of change. I know that had I participated, I would have surely picked most of the one seeds as I almost usually do. This year, I couldn't find a group or make it into a group, so I skipped it this year. They do say that everything happens for a reason, and in this instance, that reason happens to be a good one.

The final four include #4 seed Kentucky taking on #3 seed Connecticut, and #11 seed Virginia Commonwealth taking on #8 seed Butler. I'm sure that my bracket wouldn't have looked anything like this. Maybe, just maybe I would've picked #2 seed North Carolina to go all the way, but that's only a maybe. Almost every time I filled out a bracket, I picked the #1 seed on the upper right hand corner of the bracket to win it all. The only exception being in 2008, when I picked North Carolina (who was at the upper left hand corner), the overall #1 seed, to win it all.

There were some quick upsets this year. Pittsburgh went down to Butler in round two, like like Kansas shockingly did last year. Let me tell you, that Kansas loss did hurt my bracket last year. Ohio State and Duke were out in the Sweet Sixteen, and Kansas in the Elite Eight. This was the biggest hurt for brackets across the league since 2006, when the twelve seeded George Mason caused some havoc for people who participated. Now, it seems like the only people I could see with VCU or Butler in their final four are those who play for fun, those who like to goof off, those who play randomly, or those who have a connection to either college. Though I was in a pool where somebody picked Niagara (a #16 fill-in seed) to make it to the elite eight, AND HE WON!!! However, the majority of people who win are people who make their picks seriously.

I didn't even fill out a mock pool, so I have no idea on what I would be judging on. Some educated pickers may have Kentucky or Connecticut in their final four, but that's about it. I've seen some very bold picks before, and it are those bold picks that win these contests. My bold picks happen to not do as well, but I've experienced some very bold moments in which I got just the right wins.

When Kentucky and Connecticut play tonight at 8:45 PM, we're going to see contests across the country be decided, that is, if they haven't been decided already. The majority of contests may have probably ended once the elite eight ended. As for the VCU and Butler match at 6:30 PM, we'll be looking to see which underdog will have the shot at being a very memorable Cinderella story.

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