Tuesday, April 5, 2011

RIP Former Congressman John Adler (1959-2011)

I was in immediate shock when I heard on the radio yesterday that Former Representative John Adler had died from heart conditions at the age of 51. It was unfortunate for see someone so young, so hardworking, and so committed to his role in politics go so soon. I wish that there were more politicians who held political positions did what Adler did, and that was vote how they believed, and not how their party told them to.

I first heard of Adler when he was running for representative of the third district back in 2008. Someone was handing out brochures for the John Adler campaign. He was a Democrat, but his views were clearly his own. I liked what I saw and felt like he would make a good representative. He would go up against Republican Chris Myers and win by the skin of his teeth. It was the last election to be projected in the 2008 elections. Adler became the first Democrat to represent his area since the late 19th century.

Adler came in during the middle of a brutal economic crisis. This means the people want to see results and see them quick. Unfortunately, the Democrats had it tough between the 2008 and 2010 elections. However, Adler stood his ground. His biggest decision had to have been voting against the health care bill on both occasions, being the only Democratic representative to vote against it.

Unfortunately, 2010 would be a brutal year for the Democrats. Former Philadelphia Eagles tackle Jon Runyan was the Republican nominee. What caused the Adler campaign to be plagued was the situation in which Peter DeStefano was put in as a Tea Party candidate, who's purpose was to take votes away from Runyan. Whether or not this was true, it hurt the Adler campaign. It this was any other election or any other situation, Adler would have had a better chance of winning. Unfortunately, he ended up being a one-term representative.

With all of that aside, we should remember John Adler for his strengths. His strength was clearly that he voted the way he believed. He was a very intelligent individual who knew what he was voting on and voted on it the way he felt it should be voted on. Not the way the party felt, but the way he felt would be right for the people. It would be great to have more politicians who served their districts like Adler did. I remember listening to him on the radio debating Jon Runyan and speaking so passionately about what he believed in, and answering the questions clearly, it feels very strange that its six months later, and now he's gone.

My condolences go out to his wife and sons, and may John Adler rest in peace.

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