Sunday, September 18, 2011

Check This Blog: Talk Stephen King

I'm a fan of Stephen King's work. I've been a fan since I was introduced to his work in the eighth grade when we spent a subject reading and summarizing novels. Two years later, I got back into Stephen King's work as well as being a novel connoisseur, thus I could say that Stephen King (The Green Mile and Bag Of Bones to be exact) is the author that lured me in to becoming an enthusiast for collecting and reading novels. My novel collection keeps growing and growing, and I keep reading and reading. Someone that shares my enjoyment for the work of Stephen King is the creator of the blog "Talk Stephen King." This blog has become a database for anything and everything that has to do with Stephen King and it's sure incredible.

"Talk Stephen King" features anything that's noteworthy about Stephen King. Whether it's news about projects such as movies or mini-series that have to do with Stephen King's work, news on a new Stephen King novel that's in the works, a special Stephen King appearance, or just a topic of interest that has to do with one of Stephen King. I found a bingo board that features the names of Stephen King's novels and decided to print it out. The chances of me ever playing "Stephen King Bingo" are slim, but if the opportunity ever comes and I gather the right group of people to play, I don't see why I wouldn't give it a go. There are also such topics as the novels you should and shouldn't read first. This was an interesting topic of interest that gives this King enthusiast's point of view on the books he finds as reads that were lure you in on the "Stephen King Train" and which ones are a bit complicated and should be read later on. I started off with The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, but became a fan when I read The Green Mile. Maybe after reading this list, I would have started with something else. Then again, I tend to follow my own path. Then you have the obvious list of his scariest works. We had some matches, Pet Sematary (which I felt was his scariest work) in particular. I also read on his blog about a store that specializes in horror fiction, which would surely be a place I'd be interested in going to. The only thing is that it's several states away. At least I have been informed on such a place.

"Talk Stephen King" is the Stephen King enthusiasts gold rush of anything you want to know about the utopia created by Stephen King. With close of forty years of being the "King Of Modern Day Horror Fiction" (no puns intended), Stephen King has come out with a ton of excellent work that has driven many of readers to having themselves a thrill ride with reading. "Talk Stephen King" reminds us and keeps us intact as Stephen King readers with everything that's going on with his work. Speaking of which, I will be awaiting for when 11/22/63 comes out in stores. It will be one of the few hardcover buys I make (as I usually wait for a novel to come to paperback, depending on the author). If you're an enthusiast, follow this blog! You'll enjoy it!

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