Friday, March 16, 2012

My Prediction: American Idol 11

The Top 10 contestants on American Idol have been revealed. These are the contestants that will be going on tour across the country throughout the summer, but first, they have to compete throughout the rest of the competition until one of them comes out victorious.

After the top five males and top five females were chosen out of the Top 24, the judges had the opportunity to save three of the contestants and allowed six of them to sing. Unfortunately, they blew it. Instead of allowing contestants like Hallie Day, Adam Brock, Creighton Fraker, and Baylie Brown to perform, they allowed mediocre to poor performers get through. Those like Brielle Von Hugel were a waste of the wildcard, then you had those that were not memorable whatsoever. While they recovered with Reed Grimm, he was overlooked for the over-dramatic Jeremy Rosado (who's out of the competition anyway) and Deandre Brackensick (who doesn't deserve to be in the top thirteen, let alone ten).

Here are my predictions as to when each of the contestants will be eliminated. I will be mixing my personal opinion with reason. This means if I had superior decision as to who would go out and when, mixed with logical thought...

#10: Deandre Brackensick- I was yelling at the television and through my Facebook when Deandre's name was called as a wildcard performer and then when Steven Tyler announced that he was going into the top thirteen. He has the ability to hit the falsetto and mix his sounds, but he's not someone that I would say is memorable for much besides his dreadlocks. When it comes to a soulful, bluesy voice, there is much more staying power with one of the other contestants. Eventually, the votes are going to wane on his end and contribute to his demise.

#9: Erika Van Pelt- She was the best of the three wildcard choices. Unfortunately, there were far better potential wildcard sources that were overlooked and wasted. She has a nice deep voice that allows her to stand out a bit more in the competition. To some extent, she reminds me of a bit of Cher, but with her own twist to it. Last season, Stefano Langone had the honors of being the wildcard who made it the furthest. This season, it will be her.

#8: Elise Testone- I enjoy Elise's raspy voice. She has a wide range and can do a good amount with her vocal tools. Her downfall is that she doesn't stick out so much as being cheerful and outgoing. She comes off as being a bit more stand-offish and distant. Aside from that, her voice is extremely soulful, which gives her the ability to play a part of the soul card. There's a ton of options she has when it comes to performance choices in the future.

#7: Heejun Han- Heejun is this season's entertainer and comedian. He is hilarious, because it's simply engraved in his personality. He doesn't force himself to be funny, it simply comes natural. Technically, he has a good voice, but it isn't something that is incredibly unique. He should have himself a good run into the competition and should have a fun time in concert. He wouldn't be one I would use my save on, though.

#6: Colton Dixon- I remember him very well from last season, being one of the three final guys awaiting verdict and two of the three to be eliminated. Fortunately, he returned (with encouragement from his sister), knocked his audition out of the ball park, and made his way through the competition. He even made it further than Brett Loewenstern, whom he was overlooked for last season, and will continue to capitalize on that decision. If Colton begins improving and faces a blindside elimination, he should be considered for the save. He is clearly the rocker of the season, a memorable breed in the competition.

#5: Hollie Cavanagh- Last season, she was eliminated in the green mile round. This season, she continues the trend of returning Idol contestants that Deandre, Colton, Joshua, and her all follow in some way or another. This season, she has a stronger, more passionate voice, that has matured between last year and this. It goes to show you how constantly putting effort into a goal pays off in the long run. She tends to be on the quiet side, but has a strong voice, making the pairing a likable one.

#4: Joshua Ledet- Talking about contestants trying out a second time, Joshua was eliminated in the audition round last year. However, he's returned and showed that he has soul. Of each of the soul singing contestants, Joshua is at the moment the strongest. He proved his worth when singing "When A Man Loves A Woman" and including his twist to the song, and the week before showed his soulful attitude and dance moves singing "I Wish" for his Stevie Wonder pick. He was in fifth (or sixth) place among the males in the top thirteen, but that doesn't necessarily mean a thing. Impressions change and so should Joshua's. Bring in some more crayfish and he should be set.

#3: Skylar Laine- She has the execution of a firecracker, but the personality of a teddy bear. Skylar seems to be someone that could just about do anything. She's got the country twang and can use it to her advantage throughout the competition. She's in more of the Kellie Pickler class of outgoing and innocent over the Carrie Underwood of being assertive or the Lauren Alaina class of being reserved and innocent. Skylar could have herself a good time in the world of country when she reaches it, as being on this level presents you with multiple opportunities.

#2: Jessica Sanchez- Vocally speaking, she is on the top. Her rendition of "I Will Always Love You" as her Whitney Houston pick was heavy news in the competition that cemented her abilities in the top thirteen. She was previously on America's Got Talent and is now trying her hand out on American Idol, which is a move Thia Megia made last season. In my mind, I think Jessica is the better of the two. It was great to see Jessica go upbeat. All she needs to do is execute it and she'll put herself in a good position in the competition. If not, she could see a fate like Pia Toscano did last season, who I thought had a good final performance, but her constant inability to pull off ballads after performing a really strong one in the Top 24 hurt her impression. I'm highly hoping that Jessica doesn't fall from the same fate. Otherwise, she could make for a very good finale.

#1: Phillip Phillips- People constantly say that it's about time that a female wins the competition and how we need a female winner. I say that the most talented contestant should win the competition. In my mind, Phillip Phillips is the most talented contestant in the competition. The moment I watched his audition, which included making Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" his own, and then playing "Thriller" on the acoustic guitar, I was amazed by his talent. He can do just about anything. He's clearly a country singer, but he can sing just about anything. Anything includes the songs that are the least country, like "In The Air Tonight." This previous week, he was dealing with medical issues, but came out and performed just the same. There are plenty of performers that will cancel because of a minor problem. He showed that he could perform after a medical issue and that shows strive. While some may believe that this is a girl's year, I think this should be Phillip Phillips year.

As the competition continues, we'll have to see just how everything pans out. Week after week, it will all come down to who performs well, who makes their performance their own, and who sticks out enough to advance throughout the competition. Next week is Billy Joel week, which will be the second time this theme has been used (the first in season two). The rest of this season of American Idol should be highly interesting.

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  1. You have every right to support Phillip Phillips. I like him. It's just that if guys keep winning, girls will be less likely to audition knowing that they have no chance. If Erika Van Pelt does get eliminated, I am going to pull for Jessica Sanchez. It will totally make up for the Pia Toscano incident last year.