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One Year On Blogger

One year ago, I was convinced by my editor from my high school newsletter to begin blogging. Caponomics succeeded in a newsletter, then through a brief stint on Facebook, and now it's become bigger and better than ever. On March 9, 2011, I set up my account and wrote my first blog post. One year later, I can honestly say that I am satisfied with how my column has grown.

For this post, I will provide some Caponomics stats, provide a countdown of the most popular posts, and share some of my favorites from the past year. Of course, I will add additional comments to the statistical results, but that's how I celebrate.

As of today, I have had 7,298 page views, ten followers, and 133 posts, this post being my 134th. When spreading these page views by month, it could be considered as somewhat of a roller coaster, but for the most part, the number has gone up. My blog has also been read in several countries across the globe.

I will now go over the more memorable blog posts of the year. I will include the ten posts that were viewed by the most people and the posts that I most remember, whether it be through writing, the reaction from others after writing them, or both. Here we go...

#10- Shark Tank Season 3, Episode 2: My reviews of Shark Tank have seemed to make a huge impact on Caponomics. I have written a handful of them and four of them appear on the top ten list. I enjoy the show, it's the best thing that appears on the Friday lineup, and I'm ecstatic about that fact that it has returned for a third season. I highly hope that the show will continue returning season after season. As for this episode, it was most remembered for featuring a man who drew cats and a man who wanted to keep the American dream flowing by avoiding any association with other countries when pertaining to his business, which made for an emotional moment.

#9- Television Review: Who's Still Standing: I am a game show enthusiast. I have been fascinated by game shows since I was a young one. Due to my pleasure of game shows, I had to review Who's Still Standing, because I have an opinion of just about any game show I watch. Some of these opinions are good, and some are not. I felt this show was entertaining, but that its purpose was simply due to this element. I enjoy the game itself and the succession in the game being the entertainment. It seems as if nowadays, every element has to be entertaining, including contestants who have on and off personalities. Ben Bailey was a good choice, though.

#8- Ten Best Songs: I'm happy to have been able to attract the music people as well as the television people. While my ten favorite songs are not necessarily current and the choices range in the era of the fifties, sixties, and seventies, that's the music I enjoy. I have always enjoyed that style of music and I'm glad I was able to get that opinion out, completely free of auto-tune.

#7- Television Review: Shark Tank Season 3 Premiere: As I mentioned before, I was highly excited for the premiere of the third season of Shark Tank. I was looking forward to seeing the lineup of sharks, which included a complete season contract for Mark Cuban, who made a good impression in his three appearances in season two. I didn't see so much information flowing through the Internet about the details about the show's return, so I felt that I would find pieces of information and come up with my own blog post. It turns into a memorable post.

#6- My Ten Favorite Roy Orbison Songs: In Celebration Of His 75th Birthday: I am a fan of Roy Orbison's music, because he is vocally fantastic and his music is passionate and meaningful. This is a rare trait in singers. I felt it would be appropriate to celebrate his 75th birthday (which he unfortunately was not able to celebrate due to his death twenty-three years earlier) with a countdown of my ten favorite Roy Orbison songs. For awhile, this was my most popular post, and it was great to see interest in such a topic. While creating the list wasn't the easiest of tasks, it was one of the most fun.

#5- Shark Tank Season 3, Episode 4: I had mentioned that I would review each episode of Shark Tank this season. Due to a busy and hectic schedule, I wasn't able to live up to this promise, but a review of this episode seemed to prove to be a hit. This was the episode that featured Lori Greiner making her debut, a sweater and quilt put together, a towel that could be worn while changing, and a wine balloon. It was a memorable episode with memorable one-liners, which must have been an opinion flowing through more minds besides my own.

#4- Check This Out: Shark Tank On ABC: This is the original Shark Tank review. I wrote this the same day I wrote my top ten list for Roy Orbison songs and the two seem to keep having readers. This was a simple recommendation to check the show out and enjoy. It has since branched out into even more reviews that have attracted readers. I could become an exclusive Shark Tank blogger, though such a blog already exists. I'll stick with Caponomics, because I engage in it so well and enjoy the wide variety of how the science of overall opinion works.

#3- Memorable Sax Solos: I wrote this post as an ode to the late and great Clarence Clemons. However, I felt like writing about my favorite sax solos in general as oppose to just one saxophonist's work. There was Eddie Money's quick solo in "Take Me Home Tonight," there was Raphael Ravenscroft and what could have been the greatest solo from a guy that wasn't named Clarence Clemons of all time with "Baker Street," and of course, you had "Jungleland," which was the greatest sax solo of all time. For the record, when I say the "greatest of all time," this is clearly my opinion... though this is Caponomics, which means it's a blog of my thoughts. That means I'll assert the thought of "Jungleland" featuring the best sax solo of all time.

#2- My Prediction: Anne Burrell Will Be "The Next Iron Chef": I enjoyed writing predictions about random topics. I especially enjoyed writing one about The Next Iron Chef, because I was almost certain that Anne Burrell was going to be the winner of this Food Network show. I felt she had the personality, the experience, and the advantage of being a woman with Cat Cora off the lineup. Unfortunately, I happened to be incorrect. She took fifth place and instead, Geoffrey Zakarian, who lost overwhelmingly to Iron Chef Morimoto in Battle Sardines and has a mildly memorable personality, won the competition. At least we have someone who has more personality than Marc Forgione and Jose Garces on the show.

#1- Top Notch Television: Ebert Presents At The Movies: I really enjoyed the return of At The Movies, a show in which Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert made famous. I wrote about my praise for the comeback, the format, the presence of critics Christy Lemire and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, and the contributions of Roger Ebert himself. When I wrote the post in August, it brought my page some overwhelming page views. I got some comments and some flow, thus bringing this blog upward when it came to views. This post continues to be on top when it comes to views, about 650 more than any other. We could only imagine how many more it receives.

Those are the statistical favorites. I shall now share some of my own personal favorites, the ones that stuck out for some reason or another. These are in no particular order...

Let's Be Brutally Honest: Morning Radio Shows Aren't Funny- I had a blast writing in such a caliber. The intention was to pick a random and typical topic that I had a strong opinion about. In this case, it's the fact that radio shows keep dragging on and on and on with jokes and puns that are more irritating than they are funny. It was such a great event in time when I finally got to speak this point to the readers of this blog and assert this belief to the people.

Big Cheeses: Cabot Tomato Basil Cheddar- I'm a cheese enthusiast. I have been since I was younger. In the day and age when I was coming up with segments, I decided to discuss the cheeses that were special and should be tried by anyone who wanted an experience. I enjoy going to a market a few townships up and every time I go, I get Cabot's Tomato Basil Cheddar Cheese, and then enjoy it with a spicy colleague... pepperoni. I had the honor of garnering a comment by Cabot themselves and how they appreciated the praise, which to me was a high honor, especially for an up and rising blogger like myself. It went to show me that anything is possible in the world of blogging.

Pluto The Dwarf Planet- I'm one with a strong opinion. Much of this strong opinion is based off of the facts that lie in front of me. If somebody provides facts, strong evidence, or a reasonable point of view, I will use it when constructing my strong opinion. With that being said, these facts provide strong enough evidence to support my claim of Pluto's status in the Solar System. Between my own research and my grueling experience in Astronomy class, the idea and belief that Pluto is in the family of dwarf planets and not regular planets has made me confident about this stance. I have seen arguments from people who have held a stance of Pluto being a regular planet due to the fact that's how they learned it in elementary school, but in cases of fact, the expert knows more than the sentimentalist.

My Prediction: 2011 NFL Season- As I mentioned before, I enjoy writing the "My Prediction" segments. I especially enjoy predicting the NFL seasons. The reason for this is because I like to go back and see how well I did when all is said and done. I predicted a Packers over the Patriots Super Bowl. While it ended up being the Giants over the Patriots (which I'm personally happy about, being a Giants fan objective when predicting), both these teams were one seeds. While some of my predictions weren't as strong (The Bucs crashed and burned and the Bengals actually made the playoffs), I did make predictions that really held strong.

Ten Best Books I Read In 2011- The one thing I could consider myself the largest enthusiast in, it would be books. I enjoy reading and enjoy collecting books to read. I have rated each of the books I thoroughly read and ranked them at the end of the year. This year, I introduced a top ten list for the ten best books I read throughout the entire year. While it wasn't a list of all 2011 books, it was all books I read in the year of 2011, and the list showed a good amount of variety. I had the honor to have this list among other lists of top books from the year, which made the list even more special. I will surely keep the tradition going, as I do with my other yearly traditions.

One year later... Caponomics has expanded more than ever.

This year, I'm hoping to be all to contribute as much as I can to this blog. Due to a busy schedule and the hopes of catching up on some horror fiction writing, I may not be able to contribute as much, but I will surely contribute as much as I can and contribute with strong opinions. Here's for one year and many more years to follow!

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