Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Big Cheeses: Hoffman's Extra Sharp Cheddar AND Roasted Garlic Cheddar (Double Dose)

The perks about working at a supermarket is the fact that you are surrounded by a boat load of food no matter which way you look. While you cannot actually "sample" the food yourself, you are fortunately able to keep your appetite under control... that is until break rolls around and you run right over to buy that same, scrumptious item the first opportunity you get. One of the product's I learned about from working at a supermarket was the line of Hoffman's specialty cheese. They primarily create flavors for Cheddar, in the fashion that Cabot creates flavors of their own. Hoffman's is definitely able to make a statement with their cheese and provide top quality creation as their release their cheese for the buyer.

Since I couldn't decide which flavor to go ahead with and name my "big cheese," I decided "why not go with both?" It's been awhile since I have submitted anything for this segment of my blog, there should be two big cheeses that I convince you to go searching for in your grocery store. The brand is Hoffman's and the flavors are Roasted Garlic and Extra Sharp. I fell in love with both flavors from the moment I met them and I had to "adopt" two blocks of my own when they were roughly 33% off. Both of them are incredibly unique, especially for our typical, favorite cheese in America, but quality is what matters most for this cheese. Cheddar can easily be a rip off by a rip off of a company. This is not such an occasion.

With regard to the Roasted Garlic Cheddar, I enjoy the flavor of garlic. There is garlic bread, garlic knots, garlic on pasta, which means that garlic mixed with cheese should be just as scrumptious. The best way to eat this cheese is in lesser quantity. This is a cheese where "less is more" rings true. If you eat a single sample of this cheese, it's a satisfying taste right then and there. The texture is incredibly buttery and the flavor in your mouth is that of creamy garlic, which is an obvious orchestra for such a cheese. Is there any accompaniment that would make this cheese better? I say no. While it would be up to you to find a partner for this cheese to dance with, I think this cheese can stand on its own and be just as delicious.

If you have heard of the game "this or that," an appropriate question referring to cheese could be "sharp or mild?" To me, it all depends, and sometimes the answer is both. With regard to typical, plain Cheddar, I like it sharp. Unfortunately, I have realized that the mild version of Cheddar is just not a statement maker when it comes to eating the grand sample. I enjoy the mild Cheddar when it plays a part in Cabot's Sun-dried Tomato and Basil, but other, sharp it is. After eating Hoffman's version of the extra sharp version, my satisfaction had been restored. It is by far a grand statement maker that, like the Roasted Garlic, does not need a pairing. It's perfectly fine on the platter as is, unless you feel it would work with something sweet, such as an apple. This is my new favorite brand when it comes to typical, yellow Cheddar. A bit more costly than other brands such as Cracker Barrel, Helluva, Kraft, or the store brand, but definitely worth the extra buck or two.

If for some reason you need a late minute cheese to include on your platter with the holiday season in motion and Christmas Eve and day right around the corner, go to your store and search for Hoffman's cheese. They also make a Horseradish and Swisson Rye, among plenty of others. Those might suit your interest if these two do not. If you're making your way around the supermarket, check out the import cheese section for a change before looking in the dairy department. Chances are this is going to be where you find the Hoffman's line, just as I did. Then all you have to do is make your selections, buy, prepare, eat, and enjoy!

Have a great holiday, everyone!

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