Monday, March 4, 2013

Check This Blog: Nikki's Blog

I'm a huge supporter of up and rising authors. Being someone who wants to write horror fiction, I know the long, bumpy road that it takes to make it to where you want to go and on many occasions, even more. Make this a rural road in the middle of nowhere. The best thing that an author could garner is recognition from a group of people that enjoy their work. That's where an author like Nikki Rae comes into the picture. Nikki Rae has recently released a new novel called Sunshine, that is the first of a series. It follows the life of a vampire girl and after a bitter ending to a relationship, she falls for a boy that happens to be a vampire and the creation of a vampire story has begun. My complete review for Sunshine is going to be written at a later time, because I need to first buy it for my Kindle Fire, which I should attempt to do. I will, however, review Nikki's Blog, which I am following and consists of not just information about her new novel, but also posts about books, life (though aren't books the meaning of life???), and short stories and poems, too.

Nikki's Blog is similar to my own blog in the way that it is not designated to a single topic. One moment, she's reviewing a book and the next she's writing a story. The key difference is that the writing isn't all expository, as there are creative pieces as well. I must say that these pieces are quite entertaining. My favorite at the moment has to be the "Red Fish, Blue Fish" short story that is quite twisted when you come to think of it. Building on her experience of working in a pet store, she creates a similar situation and of a narrator who buys fish and keeps a list. While the narrator says the list is of her fish, is it really about her fish??? Much of the creative posts are poems, which is quite reasonable for a blog. "The Painting" is an example of one of her intriguing poems, creating a warped feeling in your mind like you just read something by Franz Kafka, only he does this with short stories and not poetry. This is not a Monet kind of painting, but a dark, gloomy, bleak painting and a sense of uselessness fills the air. I'm not the expert on poetry, writing or interpreting, but I know what poetry I like and dislike, and I sure like this. There is also "The Island" and "Bambi."

While I cannot give you a complete overview of Sunshine just yet, the first chapter can be found on the blog. I'm not one to read sneak previews or even take part in anything that has to do with a sneak preview, because I like to have the finished product in my hand before I go full force in what I'm reading. I made an exception, because I felt it would be appropriate to review this. You learn just enough about Sophie in the first chapter that you are able to immediate sense who she is and where she's going to go as the novel progresses. That's an excellent quality for any kind of piece.

Definitely follow this blog. While you may have to do with the material you have thus far, it should definitely satisfy you, especially since you can easily reread the creative material. As you will learn, Sunshine is available for the Kindle and is just ninety-nine cents at the moment we speak. By July, I was informed that this novel will be available as a physical book (which I prefer, because I'm old-fashioned), but will do what I can to buy it for my Kindle. While I figure that out, go right ahead and give it a read. Read that, read her blog, and you will definitely feel satisfied.

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