Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chris Christie For New Jersey Governor In 2013

In this day and age, it's very difficult to find a political figure that is satisfying to say the very least. Granted, people from forty years ago would be saying the same thing, because issues existed, but were different from the ones we have. Aside from the more Libertarian-minded candidates like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, another unique Conservative (per se) figure that I have always been quite impressed with is the current governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie. I could have written this post a few months from now when the gubernatorial race began to heat up or I could have written this a few months ago, because this endorsement of mine was set from the beginning. Anyhow, Gov. Christie, while not everybody's favorite guy, has done a heck of a job getting New Jersey back on the right path.

Before Chris Christie won the gubernatorial election in 2009, the governor was Jon Corzine... from Goldman Sachs. While in office, Corzine raised taxes, which includes a 1% raise of the sales tax from 6% to 7% of every dollar, he issued the toll hike from 70 cents one way to what is now $1.50 at major tolls and is only expected to increase, plus he signed plenty of burdensome, useless laws into effect. One of these happens to be Kyleigh's Law, which requires probationary drivers under the age of 21 to place red decals on their license plates. He did abolish the death penalty in the state, which includes lifting the sentences of those set to be put to death, but that all comes down to what you believe. Christie, who won the election by about 4% of the vote in what could be called a "Jersey Landslide," had a lot on his hands.

Instead of following the trend of raising taxes, Christie decided to cut spending. This is a common sense tactic that leaders should always follow. If you're $100 in debt, you don't solve the problem by spending $200. That doesn't put you up $100, it only puts you down $300. While this meant having to say "no" to funding some entitlement programs, it did provide an opportunity to seek strategies to get the New Jersey economy rolling, such as the promotion of casinos and racetracks. One of the biggest decisions he had to make was cancelling the creation of a fourth connection from New Jersey to New York. We currently have the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels, plus the George Washington Bridge. While a fourth connection could have created jobs (which I am entirely a supporter of), the money just wasn't there to fund the project, and three connections is still three options. Maybe when New Jersey is in better condition, we may be able to revisit this plan.

Gov. Christie also stands up for what he believes in and isn't afraid to veto something he disagrees with. When the Democratic Senate tried to pass laws in the categories of raising taxes for the upper class, approving same-sex marriage, raising the minimum wage, and forcing dogs to be buckled in when riding in cars, he vetoed them. While many of these are for debate, his stances are quite far. With regard to same-sex marriage, he has stated he will keep the civil union laws in the state, only he doesn't agree with it being "marriage." Many of Republicans would attempt to ban it. The raising of the minimum wage would only decrease jobs, the raising of taxes for the wealthy is one for debate, and no one should even need to debate a law requiring how you keep your dogs in a vehicle.

Another great idea from Gov. Christie is his "Ask The Governor" segment that often plays on the radio. What this shows is a governor that cares for the citizens of New Jersey and is willing to provide an answer to any concerns the listeners may have. I cannot remember any governor doing something like this.

At the moment we speak, the front-running Democratic candidate is Barbara Buono, who is part of the New Jersey State Senate. While she is credited as author of the Anti-Bullying law, she is also part of the Democratic force that believes that the way to solve New Jersey's problems is to create laws. In reality, laws only affect those who follow them. Barbara Buono would be your candidate if you would like to return to the New Jersey of the Corzine era, with more nonsense laws, higher taxes, $5.00 tolls on the Garden State Parkway, and more state government control to go along with the growing federal government control. Carl Bergmanson and William Araujo are the other Democratic candidates.

I believe that Chris Christie is the man that will continue to do the job and do it well in the state of New Jersey for the next four years. He's dealt with the NJEA, a Democratic State Senate, and even Hurricane Sandy, which he's currently doing his best to resolve. He is even presidential material for the political diversity he shows on dealing with those from different party lines. I cannot and will not make an endorsement for the U.S. Presidential Election in 2016, but I can and will definitely assert that Gov. Christie is the one that will continue to push New Jersey in the right direction.

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