Friday, May 10, 2013

Hot Product: Talenti Gelato

I have begun to enjoy the sweet, rich, indulging taste of a delicious, creamy gelato. "Gelato," of course, is "ice cream" in Italian, only it has been looked at in a completely different fashion as regular ice cream. My guess is that "gelato" concentrates more on adding cream, which is essential to the way that Italians enjoy this treat. Also to be brought into perspective is the fact that Italy is one of several countries that is quality above all. The United States does make an effort to create good quality products, but at the same time is about convenience and mass production in order to release mass sales of a product. Talenti Gelato is a gelato that you can buy at the supermarket and eat the moment you pick it up and pay the bill... and find a spoon. It's quite the delicious, all-natural treat and it's meant to be enjoyed.

At four dollars for a pint, Talenti Gelato is costly for its size (it's no Breyer's or Turkey Hill), but it's rich and creamy and rich and creamy is key. I found the opportunity to buy two pints after it went on sale for about two dollars per pint. I bought the Tahitian Vanilla Bean flavor, which is reasonable for a someone like me who will take vanilla over chocolate any day of the week. While it may be a plain way of thinking, in my mind, if you are not able to succeed at the basics, why would you be able to succeed at the more complicated? There was absolutely no issue with Talenti, because it was absolutely delicious.

The gelato is packaged in a clear, screw on jar in which you turn the lid in order to open it. Depending on the freezer in which it resides, the plastic jar is bound to become easily frosted. Granted, many of ice cream companies use a cardboard container to package their product, so plastic is not very familiar. When taking a scoop of the vanilla, the ice cream was quite frosty, but its richness and creaminess melted in my mouth. Since this is vanilla bean we're talking about, the gelato was not as sugary sweet as say a French Vanilla or rich and creamy vanilla would be. Nevertheless, it captivated vanilla as it should be captivated. The object here was to have a product that tasted great and was all-natural and made with authentic, pure ingredients.

Talenti Gelato was founded by Josh Hochschuler, who was inspired by such an idea that came from Argentina. He uses hormone free milk, pure cane sugar, and low temperature pasteurization to execute such a natural and delicious idea. Aside from Tahitian Vanilla Bean, some of Talenti's other flavors include Sicilian Pistachio, Mediterranean Mint, Sea Salt Caramel, Roman Raspberry, Belgian Milk Chocolate, Southern Butter Pecan, and the list keeps going on and on. Chances are you are bound to find a flavor that will suit your taste.

Ice cream has always been meant to refresh. Gelato has been meant to do the same as well. Everything about Talenti Gelato is refreshing and there aren't any worries about mysterious ingredients that may be lingering around. When you enjoy it, you enjoy it, and this gelato does what every gelato should do: take your mind off of absolutely everything that is going on at the current moment and claim your absolute attention in the process. You should definitely check it out in the supermarket. If you're willing to pay four dollars for a pint, then go right ahead. Otherwise, keep an eye out for a sale, but don't wait too long, because I'm sure you will not be able to do so after you taste it once.

Definitely check out, where you learn about the background of the gelato PLUS see a copy of the food label on the back. Talk about some honest business. Buy Talenti Gelato, eat it, and enjoy!

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