Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy Old Rock Day

Just about any day can be viewed as a holiday. Of course they will never see the status of being federal holidays to the point that everything closes down for their observance (unfortunately for Star Wars fans, that means May 4th will not be a date in which businesses close so that all of their employees are able to watch all six films in whichever order they wish). However, they can be promoted for those who may take a bit of time out of their busy schedule to observe it. For those who have nothing else to do during the day are also welcome to observe the holiday and take all they can get out of it. Perhaps we shall start a trend and my fellow bloggers can randomly write about the holiday that occurs on this date during the year.

Today is January 7th. That means it's... Old Rock Day!!!

Old Rock Day refers to the rocks that you see on the streets, in the yard, in parks, on the beach... that kind of rock and not the genre of music. Old Rock Day provides you with an opportunity to explore nature in a fashion that you don't always engage, which means taking your time as you walk outside instead of just treat the outdoors as your one-way ticket to your next destination. Of course, on a day like this, perhaps the overall coldest day since I don't know when, it is incredibly difficult to participate in a holiday such as Old Rock Day. There are individuals that are fascinated with rocks and what they have to offer, but anybody that can care less will not hold a bit of encouragement to participate.

Those into archaeology or paleontology should definitely be all over this holiday, for Old Rock Day points heavily to ones interest in fossils. The fossil is what remains of animals that were around during the prehistoric era and is crucial in research on dinosaurs, even if we say that animals such as lizards and birds have relative connections to the dinosaur. Even on a nippy day where the wind is cutting your skin like a knife, those who are fascinated with prehistoric research would be out in this weather as they continue to expand on their vast knowledge on dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures. If they knew today was Old Rock Day, they may be placed on the spot to engage in some more research just to keep up with the impression and say that they were on the ball.

A topic of interest would be this: Who were the creators of this holiday targeting when they created Old Rock Day during a time that is usually cold to the point that most people would want to go outside and observe this holiday in the fashion it was meant to be observed? If this holiday was created in a country such as Australia, it may garner a lot of attention from individuals who are going out in what is now their summer. If this holiday was being celebrated in Florida, they may be interested. Those who aren't consistently interested in rocks or prehistoric times will probably not hold interest in going out in the heart of winter to look at rocks. If they pretend to be interested, they'll pick up a rock, examine it, put it down, and call it a day. Their interest in dinosaurs would likely be minimal.

Chances are Old Rock Day will only be celebrated by those who have rock collections, are geology fanatics, or are into archaeology and paleontology. There's a better chance you'll be seeing people celebrating Tempura Day, a foodie holiday that satisfies their tastes and today seems to be the kind of day in which they're stuffing themselves. Why not eat some deep fried fish???

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