Sunday, January 11, 2015

Literary Gladiators: Episode 17- "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare

It has been a few weeks since we released any new episodes, but we are up and plan to release the second season on a bit more of a consistent basis. If everything goes according to plan, we intend to have a new episode up once a week on a designated date (possibly Tuesday, but I ask that I am not held up to this just yet). The episode where we go over Hamlet by William Shakespeare was probably one of our top episodes, for we had a great panel that participated. Charlie and I served as the regulars, while Larry was filling in for the entire session due to Jim's absence. Jackie, who sat in the guest's spot, holds an area of specific interest in Shakespeare's plays and Gothic literature, so this episode was somewhat of a heyday. The result: a twenty-six minute episode that made for an intense discussion.

This is the longest episode we have released thus far. This does, however, show a testament of how passionate people can get on feelings that are definitely developed. Jackie has also proved to be very fitting as one of the guests and will certainly be invited back if plans work out.

Here is a link to the new episode and I hope you enjoy!

Episode 17- "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare

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