Thursday, February 5, 2015

The 300th Post

After close to four years of blogging here on Blogger, I have reached my 300th post here on Caponomics. This is quite incredible given the many stops that this column has made before making its way onto Blogger on March 9, 2011. Almost four years and 300 posts later, we are averaging over 1,000 page views per month and I have since expanded on my projects that include a short story that has been published in an anthology and Literary Gladiators, a web show that made its premiere last February and is slowly but surely making its way into the community of viewers that enjoy comedic literary enthusiasm. My original intent was to conduct a Q&A for this post as I did for the 200th post, but since I did not garner questions, I will be discussing goals that I have for the upcoming year and for the next 100 posts and beyond. There is so much in store and I have no intent of stopping anytime soon.

Last year, I decided to make it so that the majority of my posts were about books, literature, and writing, since these are areas I plan to see myself as the years go by. That does not mean that occasional reviews and commentary is other areas will be found, but that the realm of written work is where I plan to concentrate. Posts that may go off this beaten path include the annual NFL predictions. I may also throw in some film reviews that will serve as both a review and analysis, which most of my reviews seem to do. I enjoy evaluating Presidential debates, but they do not garner so much attention. I also enjoy the nostalgic areas, such as the "Let's Be Brutally Honest" segment and a Big Cheese post all in one, that will include ten types of cheese you should definitely eat.

I am also trying to connect with the BookTube community and get to know different people from across the globe that share my passion for books, literature, reading, writing, and the written work. I have become very well acquainted with these individuals and hope to some day collaborate with them in either a blog post or have them on as a guest in an episode of Literary Gladiators. The former may be able to work, while the latter will mean they are interested in coming to visit the Tri-State area in the United States. I hold a great admiration for all of those who conduct channels and entertain me with their intelligent, entertaining, and witty vlogs. It is just fantastic that many of them are so approachable and eager to meet like-minded individuals on Goodreads, in addition to keep in touch with YouTube viewers. It would be quite an honor to have at least one BookTuber, book vlogger, or book blogger as a guest blogger, where we will discuss and debate (which does not mean we disagree on what we think) a written work just as I had John Freda on this blog to discuss and debate the NFL Playoffs.

Speaking of those NFL Playoff predictions, the Patriots beat the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. After all was said and done, I beat John by one point in our predictions (Hooray!). On a system that rewards one point for wildcard, two for divisional, four for championship, and eight for Super Bowl, the final score would be Josh: 12, John 11, with the best possible score being 20. John is quite an intelligent mind when it comes to collecting informed data for the National Football League and it is an accomplishment that both of us got more than half of our predictions correct. The competition will continue and I will perhaps have him (and maybe a few others) onto my blog for a Great Debate when March Madness begins sometime in March. For the record, I am not a great expert when it comes to this area, but I will do my best when it comes to making predictions and I will garner individuals that should definitely bring some expertise to this kind of post.

I could not thank everyone that has paid a visit to Caponomics enough for what they have done to keep this blog rolling. I especially appreciate those that follow this blog and have been active in keeping the discussion alive and comment when they are able. You motivate me to keep writing and continue working toward the great goals that writing has to offer: the cheese at the end of the maze. I plan to have a lot more material within the upcoming months and beyond, including new episodes of Literary Gladiators and definitely some more fiction works that I will be looking to publish. If anything gets published (which will always be wait and see), I will definitely keep you informed. As I say at the end of each Literary Gladiators episode: Keep reading!

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