Friday, May 22, 2015

Literary Gladiators: Episodes 27 & 28- "In Celebration of My Uterus" by Anne Sexton + "Twenty-One Love Poems" by Adrienne Rich

I will be sharing our two newest episodes together, for I feel that they have similar intentions. Both of these are poems that embrace what it is to be a woman and champion their important role in society. The fact that they were placed together in this order is somewhat of a coincidence, even though we planned on making "Twenty-One Love Poems" Jim's finale for reasons that are explained on this particular episode and how it flowed with the taping of future episodes. As for what they conveyed, I saw them as being immensely successful.

"In Celebration of My Uterus" is a poem written by Anne Sexton, who would be my favorite female poet of the confessional era. I would say Elizabeth Bishop is my other favorite of her contemporaries, but I do not see Bishop as being a confessional poet, but a poet that cannot be classified into any specific category. Yes, the name of Sexton's poem is a bit noticeable for reasons that are self-explanatory, but the meaning to this poem means much more. We discuss and debate what we see out of this poem and what kind of role it plays in a very crucial time during the feminist movement. My favorite Sexton poem is still "The Starry Night," which is still overwhelmingly the post that is read the most on this blog, but I really felt she made her point in the celebration of womanhood in the style of Walt Whitman.

"Twenty-One Love Poems" is the third and final episode that makes up the series that Jim and I filmed together. Adrienne Rich is Jim's favorite poet, which explains why its over twenty-five minute showing clocks in as our second longest episode only behind our discussion of Hamlet, as we speak. This will be, however, the episode where Jim makes an important announcement that will be key in understanding the third season, which will premiere in the summer.

The finale should be up during the upcoming week and will be Works From Our Childhood. From there, we plan to share some extras and the season premiere for the new season will be released on Friday, June 5th.

For now, I hope you enjoy these two episodes!

Episode 27- In Celebration of My Uterus by Anne Sexton
Episode 28- Twenty-One Love Poems by Adrienne Rich

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