Thursday, June 4, 2015

Literary Gladiators: Episode 29- Works From Our Childhood

We wrap up the second season of Literary Gladiators with twenty-three spectacular episodes. Perhaps the most spectacular was our grand finale, where the four of us discuss works from our childhood. When I mean the four of us, I refer to Larry, Breanna, Charlie, and myself. I did my best to make sure that the finale was the last thing we filmed, so that there was as much authenticity as we could possibly give it. In reality, the very last thing we filmed for the second season was the Christmas episode, which was meant to create a kind of authenticity in itself.

The fact that we are able to discuss the importance of reading and pair it with a discussion about books from our very own childhood made this one of our greatest discussions to date. This discussion ran for thirty-one minutes in what was our longest episode, beating out our discussion of Hamlet by five minutes. While it is around the eight-minute mark that we begin talking about those special books, I can honestly say that watching the entire episode is truly worth your time! I feel that, personally, this was the one episode that brought out the most of what I had to say.

The second season may be over, but the third season is fast approaching. Throughout the summer, we will be uploading thirteen episodes on what we will try to make a Friday affair. If everything works out, our hope is to have new episodes up every Friday, while posting extras once or twice a week. There will be a batch of these extras that we plan to upload throughout the summer in order to fulfill you with those literary desires that you came to our channel for in the first place.

I will leave you with the 29th episode and the finale for season two. Hope you enjoy and keep reading!

Episode 29- Works From Our Childhood

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