Friday, October 14, 2011

Check This Blog: Love Is The Reversal

Here it is, the 90th Caponomics blog post. You know what that means??? Ten more posts until the 100th Caponomics blog post. It took about seven months to get to this point, I'm only left to wonder how long ten posts will take. It'll probably depend on my mind flow. Okay, back on topic. I am not into poetry. Poetry does not suit my interests and I am not so good at writing it either. I prefer free verse, but don't have the ability to put the pieces together to come up with free verse that's very good. Aside from poetry that's used in writing to express a point, the only poetry I read is that from Edgar Allan Poe, who's poem The Raven is my favorite poem of all time. I also happen to have come across an interesting site filled with poetry called "Love Is The Reversal." It happens to be written by someone I know named Brittany, who uses the blog to express emotion through poetry.

Poetry seems to be a way in which people express their personal emotions and hope for others to be entertained by them. On this blog, it is simply that, and the feelings are expressed well. In some of the posts, the poems are in lyric format. The lyric format is a term that's used to express how many of songs follow the same setup. This setup is verse, verse, chorus, verse, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, closing (the closing could simply be a fading of the chorus). Another familiar setup is verse, verse, chorus, verse, chorus (with the closing as a possibility). I have my opinions about how this setup is used so often, but this blog not only shows talented poetry, but also talented songwriting. This could be a producer or a record mogul's gold mine when it comes to talented songwriters who have talented lyrics. I could see Taylor Swift singing songs like this in the event she had other people writing her lyrics (since she writes most of her own lyrics). If the right person finds this blog, then "Love Is The Reversal" could become the platform for a successful career in songwriting or simply writing.

If you're entertained by poetic writing that is sentimental and gooey like a grilled cheese sandwich, this is the blog for you. You will become addicted, continue to follow, and demand yourself to write some poetry of your own. That is, unless you're like me and you have enough writing hobbies that prevent you from becoming a poetry fiend. Have a good time getting lost into some poetry of all kinds (free verse, lyrical, rhyming, etc.) and I leave it to you to find the way to escape.

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