Friday, October 14, 2011

Top Notch Television: Jeopardy! Tournament Of Champions 2011

I am a Jeopardy! enthusiast. I enjoy watching the show as often as I can catch it and enjoy playing along and answering each of the answers in the form of a question (as oppose to just shouting out the answers, remember, this is Jeopardy!). I especially enjoy watching the show when a dominant player is on the show. These are the ones that generally win five or more games, which they have been allowed to continue on the show until they lost since September 2003. Since the five-day limit was overturned, Ken Jennings became a huge name when he won seventy-four straight games and $2,520,700. He has since won more money on other game shows. The Tournament Of Champions has been roughly a seasonal tradition in which the best competitors competed for a top prize of $250,000 and the right to be called the season's finest. The upcoming tournament is going to be one that should definitely be checked out. If you're an enthusiast, you cannot miss it!

The Tournament Of Champions generally features the top fifteen winners of each season. Season 27 featured an excellent group of strong champions and even the new season 28 is coming out with some grand champions. Last season featured Tom Nissley, who won eight games and $235,405, which is the third largest amount that's only behind Ken Jennings and season 22 winner Dave Madden, who won $430,400. Then you had Roger Craig, who won $230,200 in six days, the fourth largest amount. Craig was an aggressive wagerer and became the record holder for winning the most amount of money in a single game. Then there was Mark Runsvold, who won $153,800, Tom Kunzen, who won $133,402 in five games and also participated in a game in which he was the only competitor when Final Jeopardy! rolled around. There's Jay Rhee, who won $107,203 in five games, Megan Barnes, who won $103,203 in three games, and Christopher Short, who won $94,752 in six games. The list keeps going on from there. From this season you have Justin Sausville as well as Joon Pahk, who won $199,000 in seven games. What a list! This will most definitely be a competitive battle.

Picking a winner out of the Jeopardy! champions from this season is like... well it's just hard to do. The field of competition is going to be a battleground. This will be some of the best competition in game show history and it definitely cannot be missed. When you have one strong champion and fourteen mediocre competitors, that's one thing. However, this is not such an instance. You have at least nine strong competitors, along with Charles Temple of the Teachers Tournament and Erin McLean of the College Tournament. So once that's added together and you have yourself a great competition. The only thing that we could do is spectate and see what happens.

The Jeopardy! Tournament Of Champions will be played out from November 2nd to 15th. How the competitors are matched up I do not know. What I do know is that the games will be extremely aggressive and feature many different styles of competitive play. I watched a show from 2007 called Grand Slam, which featured some of the greatest game show winners of all time. This will outdo it when it comes to the competition aspect and I will most definitely mark it on my calendar and have my eyes peeled as the tournament progresses. Once November 2nd rolls around, let the games begin!

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