Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thoughts & Points

I must announce that during the next month or so, I will not be blogging as often as I have been the previous month's. This is due to the fact that I have a good amount on my plate and need to balance my time wisely. I am also not suffering from fictional writer's block at the moment we speak and intend to write some horror fiction with the free writing time I do have. For this segment, I felt like writing my many thoughts into one segment and call it "Thoughts & Points." These are little mini-meals that I hope fill you up with just the right amount of Caponomics you need. Pick and choose, sample, and enjoy!

RIP Steve Jobs

Most writers put their tributes at the end of their writing, but I don't feel like being most writers right now. This is a dominating thought and one of the main reasons I felt the need to write this post. Steve Jobs lost his battle to pancreatic cancer yesterday and died at the age of 56. He was the mastermind behind Apple Computers and came up with some of the greatest contributions to technology. Just when you think he was finished, he kept building and building on his many inventions with even more excellent inventions. He is a strong reason as to why we are in such an excellent position when it comes to our advancement in the world of technology.

Chris Christie And Sarah Palin Are Not Running For President

After much speculation between Christie and Palin running for president, both decided that they will not be doing so. That means that it seems as if we have our lineup in Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, and Rick Santorum. Plus other candidates like Gary Johnson, Buddy Roemer, and Fred Karger. Rudy Giuliani is still mentioned, but will likely not run for president.

Chris Christie won the New Jersey gubernatorial election in 2009 after stressful times in the state. He has since went head on with the teachers union, a project to build yet another bridge connecting New Jersey to New York, and the Jersey Shore TV show. He has constantly stated that he will NOT be running for president, and yet he was constantly encouraged to do so. Now, it's final, and he will not be running. I'm happy about this decision, because he really needs to solve problems in New Jersey before he concentrates on the country as a whole. New Jersey is a struggling state and Christie has really brought it back on the right track. While it's a slow process, it's still crawling back from the bottom.

Another point is in the event Barack Obama wins the 2012 Presidential election, I am almost positive that the winner of the 2016 election will be a Republican. By that time, if Christie wins a second term in 2013, he will be a seasoned candidate and will surely be a front-runner. He can very likely win the election.

As for Sarah Palin, she rose to fame when John McCain tapped her to be his running mate in the 2008 Presidential election. She became a Tea Party darling, a strong voice for the Republican party, and a famous face and personality. She was on and off about a 2012 Presidential run, but ultimately decided against it. Michele Bachmann looks to be the sole female candidate for this Presidential election.

As I stated earlier, if 2012 goes incumbent Democrat, then 2016 will very likely go Republican. Some voters will be unable to wait, due to the crisis we are in; though I could only imagine an all-star lineup in 2016. Not only will Chris Christie be a possibility, but other possibilities include Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan, John Thune, Mike Pence, Mitch DanielsMarco Rubio, Rand Paul (Thune, Rubio, and Paul have 2016 campaigns for U.S. Senate, though), and those who are familiar to competing, such as Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, among other current candidates.

The X-Factor Follows Traditional Style, Still Mildly Interesting

Simon Cowell's key reason for leaving American Idol in 2010 was to bring The X-Factor to America. He assembled a judging panel of music mogul L.A. Reid, Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, and pop star and former Idol colleague Paula Abdul. British pop star Cheryl Cole judged in two audition cities, but was dropped from the show during this audition process. Steve Jones is the presenter.

What makes The X-Factor stick out is how the finalists are split into groups of males, females, groups, and those over thirty years old, and each judge is assigned a group. This encourages competition among the judges. Aside from this twist, this show seems to be like any other reality show. It takes a lot from Idol and adds a few new elements. In my mind, aside from the brutally honest Simon Cowell, the judge that impresses me most is L.A. Reid. He is kind of like a sophisticated Randy Jackson who doesn't come up with redundant catchphrases, but instead is constructive and speaks his mind. Otherwise, Paula is Paula and Nicole Scherzinger seems to be placed to swing the opinion and rattle the table. Paula seems to do the same, as she's always done.

While the judges make up an impression on the table, there is a wide range of talent on the show. An interesting competition can be made, but for now, it's just American Idol with a twist... oh, and a five million dollar contract.

Here are three of my points that are sticking out in my mind, but instead of creating separate posts to discuss them, I felt like putting it all together in one post. While I am part of the crowd that mourns Steve Jobs, I also commend Christie and Palin for not running at this time, and find The X-Factor to be mildly entertaining, but could become another reality show playing the same tune of other singing competitions. Here are thoughts and points that are flowing through my busy mind that is looking to incorporate time to spread my free writing spare time. I will surely invest some of that time into Caponomics.

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