Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Julienne Fries Day

When I was preparing my list of things to blog about for the month of August, I made the decision that I should start a trend among my fellow bloggers. It doesn't matter if they are food bloggers, designated topic bloggers (like my good friends who are book bloggers), or editorial based bloggers like myself, who will blog about anything in their area of interest. This trend would be to research what kind of foodie holiday is occurring today and provide a commentary about the holiday. This could mean discussing the food, whether or not you like to eat it, and just ramble away from there.

Today is August 12th and it happens to be Julienne Fries Day. Most of my readers from ages 3 to 103 (and beyond) would know what fries are, deep fried potatoes cut into long pieces. Most of us love fries, for they are the perfect sidekick to the burger at any fast food joint or for any occasion. "Julienne," on the other hand, is an action and not the name of the woman that inspired such an act. To "julienne" is to slice something long and thin, thus julienne fries refer to those long, often called "shoestring," fries that you find at many of fast food restaurants. The term "shoestring" refers to how they're thinner than ordinary fries.

Julienne fries, in my mind, are the best kind of fries if executed properly. The proper way to prepare these fellas are to deep fry them in vegetable oil before smothering them in salt. The longer, saltier, and crispier they are: the better. On many occasions, these julienne fries are poorly executed in ways that include breaking into a piece that's so small that you have a hard time enjoying them and it would take gathering several of them into the palm of your hand in order to eat. The perfect julienne fry is one that's long enough that it can be dipped into ketchup and enjoyed. Even dipping two medium sized fries into a giant pond of ketchup is quite delicious.

I wish I could say that I would be able to celebrate julienne fry day by heading over to my nearest fast food joint. Unfortunately, fast food is not part of my eating plan today. I paid a visit to a burger joint yesterday and had a nice lunch of a burger with a bucket of fries. The fries were a bit thick to be declared as "julienne fries," but one day, I'll treat myself to a nice, occasional Burger King meal. Just thinking about such a visit makes me hungry, tasting the salty, crispy fries that they have to offer. That kind of statement could have been said about McDonalds, but at this point, their fries have become limp and shriveled. Burger King's julienne fries (or as I call them when I get them, fries) have far more execution at this point in time.

So now that you know it's Julienne Fries Day, maybe you can pay a visit to a place that serves burgers and julienne fries. I advise you not to do this everyday, especially if you're looking to stay slim for the summer. In this occasion, though, it's always good to treat yourself. Mmmmmm...

For those of you who are bloggers, I encourage you to write about a foodie holiday based off of the day that it is. For instance, you would write about Julienne Fries Day today. Tomorrow, which is August 13th, is Filet Mignon Day, which would be the topic of your post. Let's make this a trend that flows and can be executed everyday of the year which different ideas and food to discuss!

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