Monday, August 12, 2013

Time Enough At Last (To Read)

I have been craving an open time to catch up on my reading, since 2013 has not been a friendly year when it came to finding the moment to just sit and read a book. When such an opening was present, I held more of an interest to doing something else, such as blog, write, check my Facebook, watch a movie or some television, listen to music, or just crash in bed! I'm going to use this post to inform you about what I have on my agenda and how I plan to review each piece. Details for each review, such as whether or not I liked or disliked the book, will not be included in this post.

I finally finished Hans J. Massaquoi's Destined To Witness, which has to do with Massaquoi, who was a black man, growing up in Nazi Germany. His father was a black man and his mother a white woman, so he had quite a healthy mix of people he came across in his life.

I am now reading two books at once. Why two books? The reason is that one of the books is on the computer, while the other is a physical book. Sometimes I have the urge to read with my computer on, while on other occasions, I like to have the computer off and time to just read an actual book. I need to seek lessons and the concentration to digest lessons on how to take stories from my cloud reader that's on Amazon and connect it to my Kindle. This means that I'm reading one book on the computer and another as an actual book.

On the computer, I'm reading Sunshine by Nikki Rae. Nikki Rae is an indie author from my area who is really becoming active with her writing ideas, primarily her series revolving around Sophie Jean, who has vampire-like tendencies and is sensitive toward sunlight. The series, where each of the novels has "sun" in the title, has to do with her brutal life and how she comes across a real 400-year-old vampire named Myles who comes off as looking like a high school guy. I will definitely have a review for this book on my blog. I may consider writing this review on Loaded Shelves as a guest reviewer in order to provide them with an increase in viewership. That way, both sides garner some recognition.

My physical book I'm currently reading is Sula by Toni Morrison. This is a novel I'm reading, because it was recommended by a member of my former college's literature club. The only other work from Morrison I read was "Recitatif," which is a short story of hers I read in English II. As for Sula, it has to do with two black women who grow up best friends, but grow into separate worlds leaving their relationship with one another torn. I may have a review for this piece as well.

This is what I have on my reading agenda, which means I should wrap things up and get to reading these pieces. I'm growing such an urge!!!


  1. Sunshine sounds like fun! I love Vampire Books. I read Toni Morrison's 'Beloved' a few years ago now. She has an interesting writing style :) ~Caragh

    1. I like a vampire book that's well executed. "Sunshine" is the start to what sounds like a fascinating vampire-themed fantasy series, since there is already a second book out and a third in the works.

      Toni Morrison is the central author when it comes to literature based on black struggles. Her writing style captures the mood of the characters, setting, and struggles they have to go through.