Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Whose Line Is It Anyway Season 9, Episodes 4 & 5

The revival season of Whose Line Is It Anyway is progressing quite well, with the comedians they're bringing in proving their worth on the show. Nobody has lost their spark, if there wasn't a super charge that made this group even better. During this week's batch of episodes, along with host Aisha Tyler and regular performers Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, and Ryan Stiles, guest performers Jonathan Magnum and Jeff Davis (Davis being a performer during the version hosted by Drew Carey) appeared in respective episodes and were fortunately able to find key roles in each episode, which is finally closing my concern of them not getting enough time and I have developed that their role is just as important. In addition, the guests are appearing in two sketches and nothing more, which is indeed the right decision. If they wanted them to appear in anymore, then why not provide THEM with seats and call them up when they're needed.

In the first episode with Jonathan Magnum, they participated in sketches that included "Weird Newscasters," where each of them played a different role that they were all able to fulfill successfully. It was indeed a riot! An even bigger riot was the sketch "Props," where they had to think of as many ideas in which they could use the props they were given. Wayne and Colin had large, foam hands while Jonathan and Ryan had large, red shovels that led to some hilarious examples that included genitalia references. This is always one of the better sketches, as are any of the sketches that allow the improv comedians to come up with as many hilarious examples as they possibly can (this also includes "Scenes From A Hat" and "Dating Profile"). Bringing in Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, they had her participate in the "Dubbing" sketch, where she was going clothes shopping with her partner before coming across some competition. Her lines, like in several of these sketches, were portrayed by Colin. In "Sideways Scene," the performers minus Ryan performed in a few hilarious scenes where they were laying on the ground in the back room. The show finished up with another segment of "Helping Hands," where Ryan was an attendant on a plane preparing food, Colin performed all of his hand movements, while Kyle Richards was the passenger. For the first time this season, Aisha declared Wayne and Colin as the winners and they got to read off the credits in a hilarious way.

Jeff Davis performed in the next episode, being the first performer (and probably the only one from this season) aside from Wayne, Colin, and Ryan to participate in the Drew Carey series as well as this one. He showed that the guest performer could sure be a funny one! The highlights in this episode included "Duets," where Wayne and Jeff performed a "boy-band" duet about the guests, which included Olympic synchronized swimmers Mary Killman and Mariya Koroleva. Another highlight was "Forward-Reverse," where Wayne and Colin were skiing and after an injury, Ryan comes in as a first responder, while Jeff plays the girlfriend of the injured victim. What was incredible is how they succeeded at acting out the reverse segment of the sketch. The swimmers did an excellent job portraying the props in "Living Scenery," while "Sideways Scene" was also another hit. In the end, everybody had to name the credits like they were training for a synchronized swimming competition. Wayne tried to posey away and pretend that he was chatting it up with Aisha, but one of the swimmers quickly pulled him back in and he was "back in action."

It seems as if throughout the remainder of the season, the performers are going to include the five people that participated in each of the first five episodes, plus Nyima Funk, who is set to perform in two of the episodes, which looks like the normal trend for this season. Next season, it would be nice to see some of the regular rotating guests from the Drew Carey version if they remain active. It would be great to see Greg Proops, Brad Sherwood, Chip Esten, among with others that made a mark on the show. I can recall Whoopi Goldberg's appearances on the show and she was indeed a riot, which is a good reason to bring her in as a guest performer for an episode or two. The way they conduct the filming for the tenth season of the show will really have an effect on the direction this show goes in its revival. For now, get comedians like Jeff Davis, Jonathan Magnum, and Keegan-Michael Key as guests along with those that I mentioned above, and this show should be quite a riot! It IS the key improv program, not a Drew Carey improv show under another name or a show featuring some of the regulars but not others, but Whose Line Is It Anyway, the show based off of the original program that took place in the U.K. and was brought over to the U.S. after Drew Carey convinced the network to do such.

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