Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Check This Out: Alice's Bucket List

Has anybody ever considered writing a bucket list? Has anybody still at the dawn of their life, only a child or a teenager or in the early years of adulthood even thought about writing a list of things to do before they died? You would think that the majority of people would not even consider writing a bucket list until they retired, which meant you would have to be in your sixties. There are many fortunate people that are able to make it to their sixties (especially in this day and age) and get on with writing a bucket list. Some people aren't as fortunate. Everyday, those across the globe are affected by terminal illnesses and only have so long to live. I was thinking about all of this when I came across the blog "Alice's Bucket List."

"Alice's Bucket List" was named the "Blog Of Note" on blogger.com for June 13, 2011. The first thing that comes to mind when I think about "bucket list" is the movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman or somebody having a random list of things they want to do before they die. It turns out that it's about Alice Pyne, who's fifteen, lives in the United Kingdom, and is battling cancer. While this looks like a losing battle, Alice is starting a bucket list of her own, and wants to spend the days she does have left to the fullest. She has a list that includes entering her dog in a show, meeting her favorite band, swimming with sharks, make everyone sign up to be a donor of bone marrow, and the list keeps going on. When she completes something, she'll blog about it. The blog will also feature updates on what's on her mind and what she's been doing. The goal behind creating this blog does not have to do with raising money, but instead, raising awareness to such an important cause.

I've only been blogging for three months and this is just a moving experience when it comes to other blogs that are part of the blogging world. People have used blogging to express a hobby, a topic of interest, or what ever they feel is worth blogging about, and everything in between. I myself use blogging as a column to discuss my views on certain topics. "Alice's Bucket List" is a document of a teenager with unfortunate circumstances and a limited amount of time, but is using this time to follow her dreams and accomplish what she wants to in life. Life is about following your dreams. Some dreams may involve obstacles or detours, but everyone has a goal, and everyone should have the right to have the tools in order to accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams. "Alice's Bucket List" is a humble document of someone that just wants to follow their dreams, will fight to do so, and I absolutely hope that most or all of these dreams come true.

I encourage all of you who are reading this and not yet following this blog to check it out. If you become as moved as I have, keep checking it out for updates. I know I will.

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