Monday, June 13, 2011

Let's Be Brutally Honest: Morning Radio Shows Aren't Funny

I've got myself another segment to sort out my thoughts. It's another column that I'll be working on roughly once a month. I feel that's enough for a segment, so I don't give you too much of a good thing. When you get too much of a good thing, you generally begin to feel worn out (or at least most people do). It also gives you something to look forward to. That's just me being brutally honest. Speaking of which, my new segment is called "Let's Be Brutally Honest." This is a segment where I give you my honest opinion on a specific subject. This is not saying that all of my opinions are honest, because every opinion of mine is honest. The only difference is that most of these are stronger opinions that provide a criticism toward something that I have an opinion about. On most occasions, "Let Be Brutally Honest" will be something in which I have a negative outlook on. Like all of my other segments, there are exceptions to the rule.

Without further of due, I'm going to be brutally honest about morning shows on the radio. This is not Sirius Satellite, XM, or any "designated topic" station, but ordinary local radio station morning shows. Like most people, two of the so many things that entertain me are music and humor. I like listening to a variety of good music (which I'll have to provide a list of my favorite songs sometime in order to present you with a taste of what I like listening to) and my favorite type of comedy is shock comedy, which is anything that's surprises me in a way that I start exploding with laughter. A lot of these things happen to be inappropriate or vulgar for the public setting. You can ask me to answer a pun or a knock-knock joke and chances are you won't get me to laugh. When you mix the two together, one of your results could very well be a morning radio show.

I like listening to the radio for the music... music that is good and played often. I don't listen to the radio for commercials and I don't listen to the radio for a cheesy little radio show. On many occasions, radio shows feature disc jockeys waking up their listeners on their morning shows, trying to be funny. They generally don't accomplish too much. I can understand the fact that there are restrictions when it comes to censorship and what can and can't be said on the radio, FM radio to be particular. The jokes used on radio shows are basically recycled versions of other jokes. Then again, I don't like puns, because they're not funny. Puns are only light riddles that produce an "a-ha moment" of sorts. They aren't going to make you roar with laughter and they sure aren't going to make you roar with laughter and then chuckle and giggle the next few days afterward. That's why I stay away from morning shows that are induced with cheesy jokes. For instance, I enjoy listening to Philadelphia's radio station, 98.1, WOGL, when they have commercial free music, not when the Breakfast Club is on. I prefer a simple trivia segment in the morning, a fill in on current events, an interesting discussion, or even better... good music!

Good commercials have to bring good appeal as well. Radio commercials don't happen to do it, as a car company decided to fit in a joke about "the difference between roast beef and pea soup," with the answer obviously being that anybody can roast beef. I feel that joke is a useless joke in the way that it's gross and not even humorously so. There needs to be a good attempt at injecting humor into radio shows and that includes good material or not injecting humor at all and finding other ways to entertain. I just wish that radio shows would follow a different path besides the path they're following. Maybe even provide stations that give us more music than anything. I wouldn't have a problem spending the entire morning listening to back to back performances of good music. I wouldn't even have a problem listening to music for the majority and then news and weather and traffic reports every so often.

Choosing a good radio station depends on what best suits you. For me, a good radio station is something that'll make my journey from point A to point B more entertaining. What I provided before does do that, but my point being that the humor is not up my alley. It's just more annoying than it is funny. The best thing I could do is look for the station that suits my pleasures of good music.

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  1. I actually listen to the Breakfast Club. While many of their jokes don't get me in hysterics, there has been instances where I am laughing my head off. Like last month when someone said they were from Phoenixville, and I thought he said Penisville...and so did my bus driver.XD