Thursday, June 16, 2011

Check This Out: Valerie's Music Reviews

Okay, this is the fourth "Check This Out" review that I've written this month. The thing is that "Check This Out" is a very broad subject that I may have to make more narrow in order to present you with some monthly treats, along with the random column ideas that pop up throughout the month and are worth writing about. I will consider several ideas that will narrow my "special monthly treats." With that being said, my good friend, a reader and follower of "Caponomics," and music enthusiast, Valerie, now has a blog of her own called "Valerie's Music Reviews." Hoping to write about music, Valerie is taking the step to promoting her writing. I feel it's something worth checking out.

Valerie's field of interests include grunge, alternative, and rock, which range from various artists from Pearl Jam to Soundgarden to Nirvana. She is clearly not into Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga, and she'll tell you that right up front. Her first submission to her new blog was her "Top 10 Songs Of The 90's," which include songs from her favorite genres of music. It was a good list, showed good reasoning behind it, and gave us a taste of how Valerie's music journalism is like. She will have many more submissions up and coming, such as a Soundgarden concert she will be attending and possibly a review of the Idol concert, something the both of us will be writing about. Those of you reading will have to check out both reviews and compare our opinions.

Valerie and I very often discussed American Idol this season and we both had really good discussions. Her music reviews are brutally honest, a lot like many of the people I have written with during each of my writing stints. Even I myself believe that I'm brutally honest. That's exactly what you need when you're writing a review or a column. I know that music enthusiasts, especially those who like grunge, alternative, and rock, will enjoy "Valerie's Music Reviews." Check it out and enjoy listening to that second opinion.

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