Saturday, June 25, 2011

Question & Answer Session: June 2011

The time has finally come! I will be answering the readers questions for the month of June, as I did the same for May, and will continue to do the same about once every month. For this month, I got two really good questions that I have been really looking forward to answering. These are questions that I have very passionate answers for. I am going to take that passion and answer them to the very best of my ability and then hope that you are satisfied with the answer. Here we go...

What do you think about Toddlers & Tiaras?

I despise the show. I absolutely positively despise the show. I could consider this a mini special edition segment of "Let's Be Brutally Honest," but I like to keep my segments to once a month (unless you count the four segments of "Check This Out"). Back to my main point, I think that Toddlers & Tiaras is simply the overflow of pride a parent has for their child put into action. I don't believe that parents should be forcing their children to get spray tans, botox, makeup jobs, and the rest of the works, just so they could compete in a competition and win a prize that most likely the parent will choose how the money is spent. If the child is perfectly fine with this lifestyle, then they can go ahead and pursue what they want. However, if they don't feel like pursuing this lifestyle and just want to be a kid, then the parents should have enough respect for their children to respect their wishes. It's just like dog showing in the way that you can clearly tell if a dog doesn't like it. They'll simply resist your commands. Due to the fact that a reality television show always need its drama, Toddlers & Tiaras presents us with some gritty drama in which demanding parents are hard on their kids to do the best. I don't buy it and have no intention of watching this. I'd take a reality show in which the competitors actually want to compete for the grand prize.

How do you eliminate the deficit?

I was asked to give an answer in two paragraphs or less, I could honestly give it in two words or less: common sense.

To be more clear, I think we need to treat the government money like any other citizen's money. You don't eliminate a deficit by spending more. It's just like if you had $200, are at $100, and need to get back to $200. You don't spend $50 of your money to make it back to $200. You'll be down to $50. When we're low on money, we save to make it out of our hole. I feel in order to eliminate the deficit, the government needs to do the same. We have to postpone the projects that we have and only spend on what we absolutely need to spend on. You need to have boundaries, which is called "balancing the budget."

There are two ways in which the government could go along making money: raise taxes or cut spending. To cut spending is the more responsible decision, because that's the fair way to run a government. Everybody makes mistakes, even those in power. However it generally ends up being the taxpayers who get the short-end of the stick on this end. For the record, the government's money is no different than any other money. When the government is low on money, it needs to save up in order to make it back on track and spend only on what needs to be spent.

Two good questions for the month of June. These two topics happened to be two subjects in which I have a passionate opinion about. It's been a great month for blogging as Caponomics is only beginning to grow on It's never too late to submit questions. Keep on submitting and I will most likely be able to answer them within a month at the longest. On most occasions, I will be doing a "Question & Answer" session monthly, so if it doesn't make it in this month, there's a good chance that it'll make it in the following month. 

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  1. I personally think Toddlers And Tiaras is a way of attracting pedophiles.