Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cait Darcy

For the record, I am not a professional talent agent. I am just an ordinary blogger who likes good music. Then again, with some of the music these days, just about anyone could be qualified to be a talent agent. What I do know is that talent agent or non-talent agent, there are performers that are just good at what they do. I went to high school and sung in a quartet with a guy named Mathew Pope, who's working to become a country music star. Then I heard of and got to know somebody named Cait Darcy. Just a humble individual who sits behind a guitar, strums the strings, and comes out with excellent music. This is somebody I would like to be able to watch advance through the ranks.

The southern part of my county held an American Idol-like competition that was intended to be an annual hit. Since my family is involved with the Rotary, which held the competition, they contributed their time and many of us attended the shows. I met Cait Darcy during the second go-around. She came off as being the girl with the guitar, who had such a good stage presence, but in a way that was NOT in your face. She also happened to represent my high school... or at least the high school I would have went to had I not been going to private school instead. During the competition, her performances ranged from Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" to Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah," both of which were excellent in their own way. I am far from being a Lady Gaga fan, but turning it into an acoustic performance is a brilliant idea, and the performance was brilliantly done. "Hallelujah," on the other hand, was a song that has really been known to put performers over the top, and for Darcy it was no different. To be quite honest, the final stage of the competition came down to just three competitors. Darcy was one of them.

Cait Darcy is actually passionate about performing and creating music. There are several artists in the industry that are basically performers that could easily be replaced by duplicates. Darcy actually writes her own lyrics, which is something I admire. Songwriters who create their own work understand what music means. The contrast would be artists who are told by a producer what to say, what to do, and how this should be done and what way it should be done. Then sit back, enjoy the riches, watch out for the paparazzi, and you'll be a successful star. As for Darcy, she knows exactly what she wants to do, and doesn't have to have anybody tell her so. She performed one of her original songs, called "They Don't Wear Glasses," in the local talent competition I attended. This song was inspired by a feeling and this feeling was put to the tone of music. That's talent!

Cait Darcy has arranged several local gigs in the state of New Jersey, mostly southern, and is hoping to arrange more... and I hope so too. She has a site ( that will fill you in with her upcoming performances. Subscribing to her feed will help as well. I heard two of her originals thus far and most definitely look forward to hearing more of them. Darcy is something the music industry needs and would provide refreshment to the radio. Any ordinary person would deem her as the next Taylor Swift, but I'm not any ordinary person. I think Cait Darcy will be the next Cait Darcy, which means she'll become a successful star in her own right.

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