Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Check This Blog: Largehearted Boy

I am one to keep up with my page views and the specific stats behind each of them. I have had over 5,000 of them. Then, I look at the breaking down as to which pages were read and every little detail in between. I noticed that Largehearted Boy became one of the lead ways to my blog and then noticed that I was given the honor to have my list of ten best books from 2011 mentioned as one of the lists. There were other bloggers who made lists, along with lists from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. With all thoughts about being featured aside, I looked deeper into this blog and really enjoyed it. If you hold an interest in music and/or literature, this blog will surely be the blog for you.

David Gutowski is the "Largehearted Boy." He holds an interest in just about anything having to do with music and literature. He also holds interests in comics, graphic novels, food, and pop culture in general. This is demonstrated strongly on this blog. This blog has demonstrated to be more so one that leads the way to discovering more talent, as it mentions specific music. There are also lists of music blogs that listed the best tunes of the year. There is also mention of literature and book blogs that made up lists of the best books that were read during the year. Most recently, Largehearted Boy, as he does each and every year, has made a list of the blogs he recommends for those who are currently following his.

It's great to see someone spreading the word and increasing opportunities for those who share his passions. Largehearted Boy has allowed me to discover many others who share a common passion of reading in my very own personal case. Many of these blogs have themes, such as Christian and Romance, that don't necessarily suit my interests, but they do know how to run a blog. This may very well be the best gateway blog that I have seen in awhile.

Definitely check out Largehearted Boy, most especially if you like to read or listen to music. It is very likely that you'll hit a gold rush of some kind.

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