Friday, January 20, 2012

Television Review: Shark Tank Season 3 Premiere

The return of Shark Tank was one thing I was looking forward to during the upcoming television season. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two seasons and find it exciting that it's back for another go-around. The sharks this season include Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Barbara Corcoran, and Robert Herjavec. This season, Cuban got a promotion from three episodes last season to every episode in this. For three episodes this season, Lori Greiner of QVC will be sitting in for Corcoran. It's unfortunate that Kevin Harrington was not asked to participate this season, because while he doesn't have much of a personality like the others, he does have a lot to offer.

In the premiere, the sharks included an entrepreneur who created a water bottle that you can open from the bottom in order to keep both sides clean. He got help from basketball center Bill Walton. His personality was greedy, pick and choosy, but at the same time confident and aggressive, which is somewhat of a positive trait in the world of business. Other ideas included a funeral planning service, a ghost writing service, and a night club planner. The night club planner was the only other deal that got any form of output from any of the sharks. Every shark, with the exception of Corcoran, jumped into the action when it came to engaging in making investments of any kind. Then again, Barbara Corcoran was known for not investing in many of the memorable products of previous seasons. Instead, her investments were based off of sentiment and on products that weren't necessarily popular among the majority of sharks. In this episode, we saw that it's not always the best offer that comes off on top, but sometimes it's the investor that fits best.

This should be an exciting season of Shark Tank. There's a lot in store as to what we could see this upcoming season. Chances are the intensity is going to drastically increase. The key fault seems to be the increase of visibility when it comes to the bridge between great quality products and entertainment value. The celebrity assisted products, the clueless entrepreneurs, and the subtraction of Kevin Harrington in exchange for Mark Cuban (and last season Jeff Foxworthy) seem to contribute to the entertainment value. While entertainment is key, good products should hold the most importance. We want to see entertaining pitchpeople, but they also need a product that is worthy of moving forward.

We'll just have to see what this season holds, because I will surely be watching it.

Verdict: 9/10

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