Thursday, January 12, 2012

Television Review: !ROB!

Rob Schneider's acting is sick and twisted... and so is this sitcom. Schneider felt the need to create a sitcom about marrying a Mexican woman and having to deal with her Mexican family. The show is filled with Mexican humor and what ever else Schneider thinks will contribute to a dream sitcom featuring Mexicans. The first episode pretty much provided me with everything I needed to know.

Rob Schneider plays Rob, a short, middle-aged man, who is compulsive in the way that everything needs to be orderly. He marries his wife, Maggie (played by Claudia Bassols) in Las Vegas and in a very quick and careless fashion. Mexican families are known for making a big deal about the occasion of getting married, but with Rob and Maggie, it was just tie the knot and have a nice day. Rob wants to spend some time with Maggie, alone in bed, when Maggie informs him that she wants him to meet her family. Her family includes her dad, Fernando, who is played by Cheech Marin, her mother, grandmother, uncle, and everyone else in between.

I watched the first episode and I was filled in with everything I needed to know. Maggie grew up in an overprotective family and her parents do not approve of Rob. He doesn't make a good first impression and the next few impressions aren't so good either. *SPOILER ALERT IN THE EVENT YOU HAVE ANY INTEREST IN THE SHOW. IF YOU DO, SKIP THE PARAGRAPH, IF NOT, CONTINUE...* He makes Mexican related comments, has a spat with a child in the family, knocks over mourning candles in Maggie's grandmother's room, and gets into a scuffle where he ends up looking like he's humping Maggie's grandmother. She leaves angry, but quickly brushes off the issue and offers to engage in makeup sex. He remains clumsy when the family comes to their house and engages in things such as dropping his cell phone in the drink. Ultimately, there's a moral and Rob expresses how he loves Maggie, and hopes her family understands.

Despite having a few laughs, including Rob's scuffle with the grandmother, this show is just pathetic. The first episode was pretty much the finished product. Rob Schneider continues to contribute to his suggestive acting career, Cheech Marin's notion hasn't changed much either (I couldn't make it through a Cheech & Chong film), and the rest of the acting is just poor. Maggie's character is just about as two-faced as they come, and it's like there is no off switch, and the rest of the family has their moments, but that's about it. Oh, and the uncle is a creeper.

If this show makes it past one season, then it's a miracle. Stay away from this show. There's so much more you could do with thirty minutes. It's very likely that the material will run out quicker than the flavor in a Chiclet. You may get a laugh or two, but it will only take time before you realize "what the heck is this?" A sick little show indeed.

Verdict: 3/10

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