Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Check This Blog: Game Show Kingdom

I am a game show enthusiast. I have been a game show enthusiast since I was young and have followed Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Jeopardy!, The Weakest Link, Match Game, and any other game show you could think of in the best way I possibly could. When you're searching for blogs to follow, you look for ones that suit your interests, from the common ones that are likely to attract some people to the interests that are quite out of the ordinary (like a blog that has to do with cheese for me). For the game show enthusiast in me, the blog that has done the most to fulfill my interest in anything having to do with game shows is Game Show Kingdom. Not only does it fulfill the interest in game shows, but it does the same for competitive reality shows, such as American Idol, Hell's Kitchen, Dancing With The Stars, and the list keeps going on.

Game Show Kingdom submits posts about anything from episode reviews to new updates that are game show related to breaking news as it comes in. It was on this blog that I learned about Ben Ingram's winning streak on Jeopardy! and convinced me to begin watching the show as he was progressing. It was on this blog that I learned about the unfortunate death of the Family Feud's very own Richard Dawson. It was on this blog that I learned the British game show The Chase was being adapted into an American game show. The list keeps going on and on and on. When for some reason I am unable to tune in to a game show or feel no use in doing so, that's where Game Show Kingdom takes the task of informing me about the episode and whether or not I was missing anything.

If you're a game show enthusiast or even a reality show enthusiast, this blog is sure to become a good friend to you. If you can deal with a healthy looking feed filled with a hundred posts a month and over a thousand posts a year from one blog alone, you will be happy with what Game Show Kingdom can do and how it will keep you up to date with information about the reality and game shows you enjoy. There is some personal commentary, but it's clear that the facts come first and the opinionated writing is squeezed in between and will do nothing to taint the facts. I'm a blogger that commentates on topics all of the time, so GSK is just excellent.

I will leave a link to Game Show Kingdom below this recommendation, because I wholeheartedly encourage you to join. You will be so satisfied by what this blog has to offer that you will be checking one, two, or more posts a day just to keep up with your favorite shows and the commentary that is there to offer.


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