Monday, July 15, 2013

Let's Be Brutally Honest: I Would Rather Not Think About The End Of Summer After The Fourth Of July

When I'm not a blogger, writer, and reader, I am a student at a college and a cashier at a supermarket. Around this time of year, I begin to see massive promotion of anything "Back To School" and the sales different stores from Walmart to Target to ShopRite have in store. There are sales on notebooks, binders, backpacks, clothes, and anything else you could think of that would play a use for the upcoming school year. Of course, chains and stores are going to jump on top of this in order to make money. My take... it's summer! Let me think about summer!!! From the standpoint of several chains and their sales, summer ends after the Fourth Of July and then it's time to think of "Back To School." Some places even act sooner, like they're inappropriately opening at 8 PM on Thanksgiving Day in order to get a head start on Black Friday. Thinking of the upcoming school year is just not something I want to think of come July 5th or the week after.

What especially sucks is if you're a student that's still going to elementary, intermediate, middle, or high school, the Fourth of July is just a week or two after you get out. It's awful to have to even hear mention of going back to school in about two months. Once you get into college, which is where I am as we speak, you end midway through May and then the summer lasts from then until after Labor Day, which is what I see as the unofficial end to summer (summer officially ends September 20th and fall begins September 21st). Some colleges begin in August, but mine is not one of those (which is a relief). You want to concentrate on the excitement that lies ahead and what summer has to offer and feel no worries about academics and school and the different subjects that you have to come across.

Is there a solution to this problem??? Ehhh... unfortunately not, especially in the commercial world we live in, where everything is about advertising, promoting, and making money. Of course, you can isolate yourself from stores and refrain from watching television, where you see a boat load of commercials that have to do with going back to school, what the stores have to offer, and how much cheaper these things are, because they're in so much demand and they're battling different stores. Only a revolt from the kids and the boycotting of buying supplies for the school year until you decide can stop that and those chances are slim. Perhaps two weeks earlier, the monster promotions can begin for "Back To School," but we live commercially, and companies want to make the first move. It all comes down to one thing... money!

How do I deal with college supplies? Buy as I go along or am in need. I get my books when I need them (which is about a week or two before college resumes) and the rest is based off of demand. As far as notebooks are concerned, I have plenty. I bought about 20+ notebooks from Big Lots for 17 cents a piece and the final bill came to about $5, which was an excellent bargain. If you're willing to take risks and remain on top of what needs to be tackled, then keep an eye out for the bargain and buy as you go. There are things like backpacks that can last a few years and other items that can be retrieved in a different fashion. That's the direction to go into if you want to rebel against the "Back To School" sales.

Today is July 15th and we're in the heart of summer (in the northern hemisphere). I want to think about the different things summer has to offer, such as warm weather and going out to have fun. It's a time of year that's simpler than others and it's best to cherish that time. We don't need to think about school and increased responsibility (unless you're working) and that's the aggravation that "Back To School" has to offer at a time of year where we want to take our mind off of that. It's a contradiction to have such a gripe to write about at this time, but if I wasn't writing about it, then what would be the use of expressing your views on a blog like this?

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