Monday, July 29, 2013

Whose Line Is It Anyway Season 9, Episode 3

I have written plenty of reviews for episodes of Shark Tank, primarily during the third season, since by the time the fourth season came about, I was juggling college and work, which reduced my television time to very small occasions. This episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway was actually viewed on the computer, since I couldn't catch it when it aired at its original airing time at 8 PM. I must say, however, that this episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway answered all of my concerns and engaged in exactly what I was hoping it would. In addition, Keegan-Michael Key is one of my favorite comedians at this current period of time. I remember watching him on MADtv and how he did a fine job playing different characters, such as Gordon on their version of Sesame Street. He was a great guest comedian to join regulars Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, and Ryan Stiles, along with host Aisha Tyler. The fact that every gripe I had with episodes one and two were answered in episode three seriously boost my impression for the show.

In episode one, Gary Anthony Williams participated in two sketches, Lauren Cohan in two, and the regulars in all five. In episode two, Heather Anne Campbell played in just two sketches, less than Kevin McHale, who had a role in three sketches, while the regulars were in multiple sketches. Cohan and McHale were just temporary or one-act guests, while Williams and Campbell were meant to be used in more sketches. In this episode, Brady, Key, Mochrie, and Stiles all participated in four sketches while guest Candice Accola of The Vampire Diaries was in two, which is the perfect balance.

Not only was the balance spot on, but the sketches were hilarious. I have some chuckles here and there, but that's good for somebody who only laughs every so often. "Hollywood Director" was the first sketch, in which Keegan and Ryan were operating a spaceship and come across Wayne as an alien, while Colin was the director. They went through a first phase of being ordinarily funny, a second phase of being flamboyant, and a third of acting as if they were on The Jerry Springer Show. For "Props," they each had to use random props in their jokes, much like Carrot Pop or Bruce "Babyman" Baum do, only this is a small element of their range. Wayne and Colin used what looked like dusters, while Keegan and Ryan used what looked like huge cup-looking caps with holes on the bottom. They each took turns coming up with hilarious examples. 

For "Song Styles," Wayne came up with a Latin-themed song for guest star Candice Accola, while for "Dating Profile," the four featured performers came up with undesirable features that would turn people off on a dating site. Colin did something so outrageous that it interrupted the others and their train of thought, including Aisha and she was just controlling the buzzer. "Living Scenery" was the last sketch, where the scenario was Ryan and Colin climbing Mt. Everest and Keegan and Candice portrayed the props. The closing of the episode had to do with the crew reading off the credits like they were high schoolers suspecting that somebody was a vampire.

Things seem to be rightfully clicking for Whose Line Is It Anyway. They benefited with having Keegan-Michael Key as a strong guest performer and the fact that everybody is playing a useful role in the sketches really a big help. Aisha Tyler is also doing quite a job hosting the show and is quite effective with explaining how the points don't matter and they become worthless after a period of time, so it makes sense to use them by the end of the night... if only there were stores that accepted points opened. If the shows features episodes like this, then it will really be worth the grand comeback and I encourage everyone to watch it on the CW! I'll leave a link at the bottom for you to check out.

Oh and it's worth mentioning that Whose Line Is It Anyway is being renewed for a tenth season that's twenty-four episodes and it's definitely worth catching if you can. At the moment we speak, new episodes are on Tuesday nights at 8 PM on CW. If you're looking to watch something at that day and time, this is what you should check. There's a strong chance you will have at least one good laugh.

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