Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Working On A Short Story For "Speculations of New Jersey"

For the month of July, I have a few ideas as to what kind of posts I plan on submitting to this blog for the month. I do have a few "Let's Be Brutally Honest" ideas, some reviews that I plan to write, which I plan on submitting when I find the opportunity to do so. However, the month of July will see me working on a different kind of writing, and that is the fiction writing that I hope to make a dream at writing. So if for some reason you're asking why there aren't as many posts (and it would be quite ironic if I end up writing more than I usually do for the upcoming month), the reason would be multiple rounds of endless editing... and then more editing before I submit at the end of the month.

At the beginning of the year, I joined the Garden State Speculative Writers club, formerly known as the Garden State Horror Writers club. The reason for this change is they were looking to broaden their horizons as to which writers would join. While their original intent was to concentrate on horror fiction, they have since expanded to science fiction, fantasy, and other genres in the speculative area to attract more writers. Every so often, they come out with an anthology of work, and this time around it will be called Speculations of New Jersey, which centers around a theme of New Jersey speculation, but the meaning could be defined in such a broad way that just about anything is game. While preferably the story is set in New Jersey, exceptions could surely be made.

The short story I'm working on at the moment is in the horror genre and is centered around a trip to the dentist. I plan to submit it by July 31st, which is the date of the deadline, and I am unsure as to whether or not it will definitely make it in. I made it into a college literary magazine one year, but not another, so we'll just have to see what happens. 

Aside from being about a trip to the dentist, I will not explain further into the plot of the story. I agree with the cardinal rule in which writers should only display a single sentence about what their piece is about prior to its release and this would surely ring true for a short story. With a novel, you can get away with a few more sentences, but nothing too revealing. That's why my details will remain as they may. 

I will surely keep you up to date on whether or not I make it into the anthology. Regardless, I will hold some kind of promotion on my blog about the anthology and encourage you to pick it up if you are able. 

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