Saturday, November 12, 2011

The 100th Post

The 100th of anything always comes off as being a special landmark event. There are several celebrations on a 100th anniversary of something, whether it be the 100th anniversary of a company or product, the 100th episode in a series, the 100th of... just about anything. Though I have yet to see a 100th anniversary for a married couple, but that would likely require two people to live past the age of 110. As for Caponomics, this is the 100th post on my blog and it calls for a celebration. I don't have confetti on hand, but feel free to buy some of your own if you would like to celebrate. I had always wondered how long it would take me to submit one hundred posts on my blog. The answer... is eight months. I will likely celebrate many more anniversary, such as the one year anniversary on March 9th or the 500th post, the 1000th post, and so on and so forth. The best way to celebrate is to look back at what was accomplished during the start of such a great experience.

My blogging experience began when I was advised by my high school newsletter editor, Mr. Clark, to start a blog back in March. I created it, started submitting posts, and have been blogging ever since. Caponomics in general goes further back, beginning as a tournament show on my high school television channel back in January 2008. That was when I only wrote about the school tournaments and other events around the school. However, after a key member left the club, I decided I would expand my horizons and write about what ever was on my mind. I originally thought about "Noun Of The Month," but was encouraged to call my last page (aside from the back with the photo poll and word search) editorial section "Caponomics." It was a fine transaction, as my time reporting tournaments on high school television didn't last so long. I continued to write about them for the newsletter until graduating. My first Caponomics was about my distaste for Value City Department Store and how I felt it was a filthy and disorganized place to go to. I found it interesting that it closed just a few months later. Back then, I wrote about similar topics to what I wrote about today, only now, there are many more topics and many more ways to sort these topics.

On this blog, I have had a good time evaluating the previous American Idol season week by week and evaluating each Republican primary debate and each of the debaters. I have also enjoyed writing creative segments such as "Excellent Reads," "Top-Notch Television," "Fantastic Films," "Big Cheeses," "Let's Be Brutally Honest," "Check This Blog," "Thoughts & Points," "My Prediction," "Question & Answer Session," and everything else in between.

According to my stats page, I have had close to four thousand pageviews, which is a big number for a blog that's only on the rise. I have nine followers, though surely more readers. One of my posts, the one about Ebert Presents At The Movies, got several views in just a short period of time. I have heard that this show may be on its way to ending if negotiations don't work out, which is unfortunate, since it is indeed "top-notch television." 

I will most definitely look forward to my many more submissions that are to come within the upcoming time. If anybody wants to suggest ideas or anything they would like to see me write about, feel free to contact me. If anybody has any questions to submit for my question and answer segments, they're also accepted at any time and will be answered as soon as possible on my blog. Feel free to submit any feedback, as it is most definitely helpful. If you also want to share favorite posts thus far or favorite Caponomics memories or segments, feel free to share them as well.

I hope all of you who are reading have enjoyed Caponomics thus far and I promise that I will do everything I'm able to make this an enjoyable, entertaining, informative, and second opinion worthy blog that feeds you just the right second opinion. Thank you.

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  1. Congratulations on your 100th blog post, Caps! Only eight months, huh? That 1,000th blog post will be here before you know it. It isn't so hard to believe that you could do so much in such a short time, because your dedication in doing the things you enjoy is what's going to make you a big success. Keep up the great work!