Friday, November 18, 2011

The Great Debate

Since beginning my adventures on Blogger, I have been able to write about a variety of things with less limits and my very own frequency. I have been able to come up with a variety of segments that have allowed me to organized my thoughts in such clever segments. Now, I will be introducing a new segments that will allow me to put my opinions to a test of more opinions than just my own. This new segment will allow me to debate and collaborate with my writer friends in topics of which we hold common interest. It will allow me to fight my opinion against other writers who either manage columns, blogs, or other forms of writing hobbies of their own.

This segment will be called The Great Debate, and it is named such, because the segment will be a heated debate of what will most definitely be a great debate indeed. The way this segment will work is that this writer friend and I will conduct our debate in a discussion format on another platform, such as our Facebook inbox. We will compromise on a topic that fits both of our interests and also allows both of us to contribute an equal amount to the writing. After this, we will arrange what we're going to write, and then hold the debate. Some of these could be in a collaboration format, where we simply submit a paragraph after a certain topic. However, most of these are going to be in a discussion format, and it will look like we were actually getting together and having the discussion in person, only we were having it in our inbox.

The topics in which we will be debating could range from just about anything. Whether it be a common topic, a top *insert a number and topic,* a debate on a specific product (book, movie, etc.), one of my previous posts or a point that may be up for debate, or anything else that might be debate-worthy and holds common ground for the both of us. With the right debaters, this could get really exciting. First, you had Questions For Caponomics, now there's the next big thing that allows me as a blogger to connect with my readers, which is The Great Debate.

I engaged in one collaboration during my April 2010 submission of my high school newsletter with a friend of mine, discussing our favorite Mario game. That submission was a collaboration in which we submitted a paragraph. With this, it will be the complete discussion in an arranged format. I will organize our discussion, but will NOT edit any opinions or thoughts. I will take care of spelling and grammar, though.

I look forward to beginning this segment and opening up the newest opportunity that I have in store. I'm sure that I will most definitely have myself a good time.

My first segment of The Great Debate will be with Kevin B., who writes for Kevin's Heaven and co-writes for Road Of The Month. The two of us will be comparing our "Top 10 Songs By The Eagles." This means during my spare time, I will be playing music by The Eagles and catching up on all of their several hits. I know a good amount of their songs I already like and definitely have my top three intact.

Let the games begin for The Great Debate!

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