Monday, November 14, 2011

Check This Blog: Rant And Rave

If only all of us could get paid to express our opinion. Just a few select people have such a fine opportunity. For now, people who want to express their opinion and become recognized for doing it can start off by blogging. That's what pushed me to start blogging. I'll probably have a better chance at becoming financially successful writing fiction and my column will get recognition via a blog and then see what opportunities arise from there. Even writing fiction and getting it published is a path, but it's not impossible unless you say it is.

Okay, back to my first point. Being recognized from expressing your opinion. In essence, having the opportunity to rant, rave, complain, what ever you want to call it, and have others read about it. Back in high school, a good friend of mine ranted about various topics. Even I've pointed my finger at certain topics of interest. It's the essence of "Let's Be Brutally Honest" and I'll fit it in some of my other works. "Rant And Rave" brought out the flow as to why we love our freedom to express our opinion. It's a clever blog that will bring out the essence of our everyday complaints. Only in this case, the perspective is a completely different one if you know the person behind the ranting.

At the moment I write this post, there have been four blog posts that were excellent, easy reads. The topics of interest included rainy days (and driving out in the rain), Walmart, old people in the supermarket, and holiday shopping. The holiday shopping topic, which will become a relevant topic of interest very soon, was incredibly entertaining for being a current event. There are also suggestions that express alternate and more intelligent actions, thus this blog does not allow for any excuses.

I enjoy this blog. It's as much of an addictive pleasure as eating a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. One of the best things about this blog is that it's the complete opposite of reading a manual-like submission from someone who sounds like a drone. I feel as if I'm hanging out with someone and we're ranting about random things that just irritate us. Sometimes we get to the point of hanging out where we run out of something normal to talk about, so we just start ranting about a subject. If the person happens to agree with your rant, you have yourselves a conversation. There are so many random topics of interest that could be sprung by this blog, that it's a sure conversation starter.

I will most definitely continue checking this blog, as it's surely addictive. I'm sure you will do the same once you check it out.

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