Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Top Notch Television: Storage Wars

Due to the hectic schedule of mine, I will be doing many of my blog posts from now until close to Christmas time in "chunks," as in several posts in a few days. Fortunately, we are really close to the 100th post, as this is post #96. For post #96, I am going to suggest that you check out a random, yet addicting little television show. It's called Storage Wars and it's on A&E. You can catch several episodes consecutively and at different times, so that only quenches the addiction even more.

Storage Wars is about four guys (and one guy's wife) who go to auctions that are auctioning off storage lockers. They are allowed to look inside, but cannot go in or move anything. After looking at one locker at a time, the bidding begins. The highest bidder claims the locker. This process continues until each of the lockers are sold (or at least the ones being highlighted or bought by participants of the show). Then, each of the auction hunters goes through their locker to see how much it's worth and whether or not the deal was a good one. Each of the hunters has different motives.

Dave Hester, "The Mogul," sticks out the most. He's considered to be the antagonist for his aggressive style of bidding and his motives of instigation. He is known to drive up to numbers for the sake of standing his ground and is known for his long and loud "Yep!" when driving them up. At the same time, he has come out with the most profit and gets the most per every dollar he spends, so ultimately, his motives work. Darryl Sheets, known as "The Gambler," is Hester's key foil, and has good reason to be as he seems to play the hunter who has the next most accurate direction. Sheets has had success of his own while participating on his show, though he seems to be less confrontational than Hester. On the contrast, Jarrod Schultz, "The Young Gun," is a struggling hunter who is running low on money. He brings his more conservative and stubborn wife, Brandi Passante, with him to each of the auctions. The two of them have a motive of getting back on the right track and are doing a decent job, especially for being in an aggressive pool of hunters such as Dave Hester. Hester has begun to serve as a foil to Schultz. Then, there's Barry Weiss, known as "The Collector." He has the most experience and is simply in it to find some treasures. He makes a profit, but he's extremely laid back as opposed to the other three when it comes to making profit. He seems to be satisfied with where he stands and his appearance and the cars he drives confirm it.

Storage Wars is like an addictive bag of potato chips or box of cookies that are very hard to become bored of. While the premise remains the same, the lockers, the interaction between the hunters, and the motives of each of the hunters changes each episode. Some days they hit it big and some days they simply fall into the red. This show has successfully brought four different personalities with the same goal, and placed them in a bidding war. This can most definitely become a brawl, a brawl that will be hard to forget.

Storage Wars has completed two seasons and will beginning its third season on November 15th on A&E. The lockers that are featured, the motives that each hunter has, and how each episode turns out will be seen at this third season begins. It should be exciting. Given that there are repeats on very often, it shouldn't be a grueling task to catch.

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