Friday, November 11, 2011

Thoughts And Points For 11/11/11

"Thoughts And Points," like last month, was a way for me to briefly go over current events and currents things that were on my mind during this time. They are morsels of potential post ideas all brought together into one. What better time to do it than on 11/11/11, a day that will not occur for another long while. A lot is going on, so here we go...

Joe Paterno's Legacy Is Shattered

Joe Paterno, the head coach of Penn State since 1966, has been fired from his position due to his part in a sexual abuse scandal. The scandal involved his long time former defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, and how he sexually abused eight boys some years ago. Paterno was informed about this, but did not report it to the police, as the law requires him to do. When this event leaked out, Paterno was caught and ultimately fired by the college and rightfully so.

Paterno was on his way to producing the most memorable legacy of any college football coach, if not, any football coach (except for maybe UCLA's John Wooden or Green Bay Packers legend Vince Lombardi). However, this scandal just about destroyed it. Paterno would have likely remained with the team until either his death or when he could no longer physically coach the team. That's not going to be the case. He's out of Penn State and any or all of the key figures involved in the scandal will be facing imprisonment.

Those who hold Penn State pride may still show support, but no pedophile (first hand or second hand) deserves support. Paterno will no longer be remembered for what he did with Penn State, but instead what he didn't do when there were children in need.

Piers Morgan Is Leaving America's Got Talent

Piers Morgan realized that doing his CNN talk show, Piers Morgan Tonight, plus America's Got Talent was just too much to handle. He will continue his CNN show and leave the talent competition. He left Britain's Got Talent last season in order to concentrate more on his American shows, but for him, one show is enough.

As for his replacement, it ought to be a good one. With Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel on the panel, the replacement will have to be someone who is brutally honest and a voice of reason on the show. Ever since Mandel joined the show, him and Morgan would often argue over acts, as to who was good and who was not. Mandel would allow joke acts to advance, just to get on Morgan's case. Osbourne would often side with Mandel, thus allowing some acts that were not "live show worthy" to compete in the live shows. If the replacement isn't good, then the show may end up having a very weak judging table.

Simon Cowell could be a possible nominee for Morgan's position if he has the time. It was his American Idol contract that stopped him from judging in the first place. Now that he's no longer with the show, but instead with The X-Factor, that's the only thing that stands in his way. If it's not too much, he should take the open position on America's Got Talent, one of his fine creations. If not, he really needs to pick a judge that can do the job and do it well.

Piers Morgan was the last remaining person from season one on the show. Regis Philbin, the original host, and Brandy, an original judge, both left after season one, as David Hasselhoff left after season four.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a holiday to think about those who are serving or have served for our country, and also a time of commendation for those who are thinking of serving. However, Veterans Day is not as "happy" of a holiday as it should be, and many of veterans should feel happier about what they contributed to their country. Unfortunately, circumstances, such as death or returning to financial issues, readjustment, physical or mental injuries, or many other personal issues have brought down these veterans who return from combat. Life is most definitely not the same, and only they know exactly how it feels.

Veterans should most definitely feel good about the bravery, courage, and life that they put in to defending our country, no matter what the reason for being in war is or how they are treated by these authorities after they return home. Thank you to all of the veterans and God bless.

These are three key things that are flowing through my head that pertain to current events. There's a bunch more that I missed, but that's the way in which the mind continues to flow. Have a happy 11/11/11 everyone!

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